In the USA, driving skills is a must-have tool for the optimal life. Driving a vehicle provides autonomy, higher social status, some degree of personal control, and ability to get to any place in the world. Furthermore, a lot of states with sparse population do not provide any opportunity for transportation because of the public transport absence. The question that raises is whether it is useful to teach driving lessons at university or not. Let’s look into it.

Pros of teaching driving lessons at university

It is true that learning to drive is a skill that should be carried all throughout our life. At the same time, polishing and using this skill means that we can never stop learning to drive. Teaching driving lessons at university may help students to acquire and improve these skills right during their journey at university. In fact, it is quite helpful since not all students have managed to acquire this skill during their learning process at a college. Thus, being able to learn a driving skill at university may come in handy because of a good location and ability to combine it with other university activities.

Driving experience can assist in building up students’ confidence. It is known that driving is a skill worth acquiring since it has an impact on many other areas of students’ life. First, driving creates a sense of responsibility for acquiring, running, being in full control of the costs. Second, the ability to drive makes student more independent because they no longer rely on the public transport. Third, being successful at studying driving theory, passing exams polishes students’ abilities for personal development as well. Students have to learn a lot of information, track their progress, and, finally, reach their objectives.

Although students are preoccupied with the learning process, it is crucial for them to polish their driving skills. Improving driving skills will help students to feel more secure and safe on the roads. Therefore, implementing driving skills is a crucial part of creating a safer environment for the entire society.

Furthermore, not all people are able to pass the driving test the very first time. As a result, some students will have to take more driving classes to finally pass the test. Some other students could decide to postpone passing the test because they did not feel they were ready for it.

There is no reason why you cannot get the test done except if you are unable to afford them. The only problem might be interruptions from the process. Another issue might be passing, and then not driving for a few years in private car. Initially the aim was to pass my driving test before I came to university. As a result, there were a lot of worries about it, the cost and the stress of it. It is important to graduate from university before you graduate from university to open up more job prospects afterwards. Public transport can be great but it won’t get you everywhere and some jobs will require you to have a license anyway.

The cons of teaching to drive at university

There is no point in making driving an obligatory part of students’ curriculum. According to Pro-papers manager,the U.S. reality shows that a driving license was already acquired by the majority of students in their teenage years. Approximately 61 percent of teenagers have a driving license by the time they are 18. Of course, the remaining 39 percent can still have a strong desire to learn this skill right in their Alma mater. In this case, driving lessons can be implemented as an additional feature of the curriculum. In this case, students are encouraged to choose driving lesson as an optional subject.

Another possible disadvantage of creating driving lessons at university is that material and teaching methods may not be up-to-date compared to the lessons of professional driving schools. The reason for that is incapability of university to create the necessary conditions and the lack of budget.

You will need a copy of the highway code when you are revising for your theory test and there are lots of resources out there, in books and computer programs (even apps now), to practice the questions and hazard perception section.


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