If you are a student, you’re full of energy and the will to move around and about. However, how to do it is a big question, as a lot of students do not own a car. Traveling is nice and cool, but getting around on public transportation takes extra time, costs a lot (especially if you travel by train or by plane), and limits your movement. If you’ve ever tried to visit Lake Como in Italy, you know what we’re talking about.

Should Students Buy a Car?

So, should you buy a car or not? On the one hand, you can benefit from the ease of getting around, and having the freedom to do so whenever you want is priceless. The high costs of maintenance, regular monthly payments on a shoestring budget, and having to worry about it getting damaged/stolen/broken is a whole different set of issues.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Car in College

With many pros and cons of owning a car, many students are left to wonder, and they are likely to postpone the decision of purchasing a car. Most US students do not own a car until they graduate. Before we jump to any conclusions, let’s check out some pros and cons of owning a car as a college student:

The Pros of Having a Car in College

Needless to say, there are many pros to owning a car. You can check out blogs on automotive industry startups to learn more about new developments in the field. A big addition to your freedom, net worth, and your experience, having a car early on is sure to make you an experienced driver in just a few years. For as long as you stay responsible, do not drink and drive and avoid overly crowded cities, you will be just fine and safe.

The pros of having a car in college:

  1. Having the freedom to travel wherever you want,
  2. Getting to avoid public transportation,
  3. Getting to save money whenever you travel, especially abroad, and
  4. Moving in and out more easily.

If you have a part-time or full-time job on top of your studies, owning a car is a great way to save time. You can outsource your academic tasks to top rated essay writing services and focus more on earning some cash and buying a car. Your wallet and your parents will be thankful for you getting to pay for the car. The Cons of Having a Car in College

On the other side of the spectrum, owning a car means a lot of expenses and a lot of responsibilities. For a strained student, this can be overwhelming, both financially and physically, as taking care of one more thing can prove to be too much. Having to worry about fuel, oil changes, maintenance and payments is no joke after all.

The cons of having a car in college:

  1. Regular monthly payments can be strenuous on your budget – better take up a side job if you think this is too much for your parents’ budget,
  2. Parking fees whenever heading downtown can cost more than you may be willing to pay,
  3. Purchasing or renting a parking spot can easily cost as much as an additional room in your flat,
  4. The cost of oil, gas, maintenance and regular check-ups can be overwhelming for an average student,
  5. Getting to take out international licenses and learn about foreign driving laws when driving or traveling abroad can be overwhelming as well and can get you into trouble super fast and super easily.

With all this in mind, you should consider purchasing a car before actually committing to yet another responsibility. Owning a car is not as difficult as you may think, but having all other expenses and responsibilities may be difficult to handle. Spend some time thinking about it, and take up a part-time job if you decide to do so.

Final Considerations

The final verdict of whether you should purchase a car or not while in college falls on you. You know what your financial abilities are, what your actual needs for a car are, and what you will be using it for. With this in mind, take your time to ensure you do not repent a fast decision.


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