Like many upscale restaurants, hotels, and other fancy places, you may pull up to see an array of beautiful vehicles and a crew of valet drivers near the front of the business you are patronizing. But after your car has been damaged by a valet service, you may be wondering why it happened. One of the risks that valet drivers face is driving different cars of various sizes on narrow streets or into garages with tight entrances. And while it is not a frequent occurrence, occasionally there can be accidents due to valet drivers taking luxury vehicles on a joy ride. An investigation in Florida uncovered a story about a cruise ship parking lot where the valet was driving customers’ vehicles. This leads to an important question: who is responsible when a valet driver crashes your car?

What To Do After A Valet Has Damaged Your Vehicle

Immediately upon getting your car back from the valet, examine the exterior of your vehicle to see if there’s any additional damage or anything missing from inside your car. Take photos of the damage that you caused by the valet’s driving. Next, you will want to notify the valet company and get the following information:

  • The name of the valet driver
  • The valet company’s address, phone number, owner’s names, and an email address
  • The auto insurance information for the valet company

If the manager or the valet driver refuses to provide you this information, then you must ask the business that you were visiting if they have it.

Generally, the person who was driving the car at the time the damage happened is the person who is the liable party. In cases when that person is a valet, the valet company will be held liable. However, valet companies want to protect themselves and are very defensive when they receive accusations of fault. They may even try to claim that they are legally protected and released of any liability or based on any written statements on your claim ticket. But if you hire an experienced, seasoned, and diligent attorney car crash lawyer, such as the ones that you will find at, then you have better chances of winning the damages you deserve for your lost or damaged property.

Hiring An Attorney

Most valet companies have insurance and make reparations to fix the damage done to vehicles. But the best way to protect yourself after your car has been damaged by a valet driver is to hire an attorney. Your attorney is ready and willing to jump into your case and represent your interests. With years of experience and expertise representing clients and standing up to insurance companies, you know that you will have a greater likelihood of recovering the damages you have lost. A personal injury attorney will be better able to advise you on what steps you should take and when you need to complete them by. The courts have various deadlines and are functioning on different schedules due to the pandemic, so having a personal injury attorney will help you navigate the legal system during this unprecedented time.

So do not wait. If a valet driver has crashed your car, then find out more about your rights, what you can do, and how you can get the responsible and liable party to pay.


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