Studying consumes your time and a lot of energy that drains you at the end of the day ‘should I do my dissertation?’. Thinking of taking the train or any public transportation may make your day even worse because you do not know what to expect. It is among the many reasons why students own cars at the university.

Whether you live on or off-campus, the need to own a car may arise. It is why you have to understand some of the pros and cons of ownership before making this significant move.

The Pros

Helps commute with ease 

Moving places takes time, much of it on waiting for slow public transportation. Owning a car in college helps you go from school to home and shopping with ease as you arrive and leave on time. 

It helps you pick materials for a project or an assignment you left at home very quickly. You end up avoiding the harsh consequences of not submitting written essays on time.

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Reduces the load of carrying luggage

Some projects you write and do require many materials, some of which are heavy to carry alone. Having a car reduces this load by helping you move around with it and add anything important you discover along the way.

It not only helps you in education but also in life outside the university. Shopping for groceries and other necessities also need you to have a car to avoid having your hands being numb.

Comes in handy during night outs

No designated driver should exceed a certain drinking amount to ensure they drive safely. Owning a car helps you take heed of this directive while at parties and drinking night outs. 

It is the best way to save your education from the extreme effects of drinking excessively. It helps you go back to class the next day sober, write your essay, and study without feeling the hangover. 

Saves you transportation expenses

Living off-campus comes with a lot of expenses ranging from paying rent, utility bills, and transportation costs. A car helps you cut the cost of transportation, ensuring you set aside money to save. 

It also helps you evade peak hours when the cab fee rises due to bad weather when you spend too much time in university while you write an essay.

The Cons

Detaches you from your mates

A college is a place where you create new friends and stick with them while trying to understand them better. Owning a car and running errands every after a study session makes you detach from them.

You end up missing many group projects, games meant for mingling, and it may impact your education in the future. Only classmates that sit next to you during lectures recognize you. 

Exposes you to offering free carrier services

Other students at university you are close to tend to request to use your car to run errands. They may cause some damages that later pop up when you least expect. In other instances, your clingy friends may want a free ride to the store and one back home with a lot of shopping.

Restricts you to being the sober friend

In night outs, you cannot enjoy too much by taking drinking overboard because you have to drive home. You have to be a responsible friend among the gang, and this may be boring.

Incurring additional car ownership expenses

The college has many expenses apart from that of when you study. Owning a car increases this because of maintenance costs, insurance fees, and buying gas weekly. You also have to install tracking devices to avoid thefts and parking fees on university premises.


Whether or not you want to own a car, the thought of it has once crossed your mind. But before you take the initiative to buy one, you need to have valid reasons for driving as a student at university. It all depends on the expenses you wish to spend apart from that in education. The best advice before buying one is to have a plan on how to maintain it. 

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner works as an academic counselor and helps the students who lack the motivation to study or participate in sports. He’s also a well-known figure when it is about academic writing. He writes high-quality thesis, essays and dissertations and wants to build a career in this field. In his free time, he reads books, plays lawn tennis and loves practicing mindfulness.



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