Alongside getting any windows tinted and enjoying long drives on the open road, many car fanatics dip in and out of the various car-related games that have been released over the years. In fact, from mobile and PC to classic consoles like the Atari ST and the PlayStation 1, car games have always appealed to gaming audiences on a wide selection of gaming devices. 

Even today, car games are still thriving. Some releases offer high-octane racing action with souped-up vehicles, while others provide more of a story element around a racing driver who is aiming to get to the very top. From products like Pragmatic Play’s Street Racer, a beautifully designed title with impressive graphics and edgy characters, to Forza Motorsport and its feast of racing action, petrol heads are filled with options. These modern-day favorites owe a lot to many of the games that came before them, though. 

After all, without some of the memorable car games of old, today’s offering might not be as strong as it is. These classics helped shape a genre that is adored by gamers everywhere. So, without further ado, let’s take a look back at five of the best car games ever. 

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (2010)

If high speeds and tense car chases are what you’re after, then track down a copy of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit immediately. Featuring Pagani Zonda Cinques as police vehicles, this masterpiece by the makers of Burnout, another classic release, is well worth sampling. Playing as the police has never been so enjoyable, while the extensive selection of cars available to drive is special. 

F1 22 – PC, Xbox and PlayStation (2022)

Available to session on multiple gaming platforms, F1 22 is one of many Formula One games that have come to the fore. A fairly recent release, it deserves a mention due to its notable improvement, with many Formula One fans regarding it as one of the best games of its kind. People with a passion for open-wheel, single-seater formula racing cars will enjoy testing them out in this one. 

Crazy Taxi – Dreamcast (2000)

If you’re old enough to remember the Dreamcast, then you undoubtedly played Crazy Taxi. A smash-hit product on the console, gaming audiences were treated to a masterpiece here. Released in 2000, you could nail jumps, smash through road signs, create your own shortcuts, tackle a variety of mini-games, and loads more. This all took place while some much-loved music from the time was playing in the background, with bands like The Offspring and Bad Religion accompanying you throughout this epic release. 

Rocket League – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (2015)

A title that esports fans can’t seem to get enough of these days, Rocket League has propelled itself up the rankings to become one of the most popular car-themed games ever. Sure, it doesn’t offer the same racing action as other titles, but who doesn’t like the idea of scoring belters with miniature high-powered vehicles? A game that’s simple in theory but hard to master, Rocket League is an excellent title. 

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Gran Turismo – Sony PlayStation (1998)

For many car gamers, Gran Turismo on the Sony PlayStation is easily the most impactful car game of all time. The first installment of a now-legendary series of games helped pave the way for the masterpieces that have been created ever since. In fact, Gran Turismo single-handedly launched the idea of console racing simulation, and gamers adored it. While it isn’t perfect by today’s standards, Gran Turismo is impossible to ignore when assessing the overall genre.


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