Many would argue that cars are an investment that is not worth it and most of the time they’re correct. Certain vehicles have more than others, and frequently, luxury brands are your best option. Cars like Mercedes-Benz offer a noticeable improvement in quality of design and engineering as well as a timeless design which makes them more sought-after to buyers over their performance-oriented counterparts. 

If you are careful with the treatment of the Mercedes you own, you’ll be amazed at the amount of value it has as time passes. It requires dedication to take time off of your hectic schedule, and periodic car repairs to keep its value. Mercedes however it’ll all be worthwhile when it comes time to purchase a more modern model. Here are a few easy maintenance tips to keep its value Mercedes:

1. Protect the Paint

Similar to a home that is attractive to the eye and a beautiful exterior, the exterior of your vehicle will be the first impression prospective buyers make. So, it’s crucial to ensure that you keep your Mercedes-Benz secure from elements outside, especially when you reside in areas that are prone to harsh weather. It is recommended to park your vehicle inside a garage, or in a covered space. Many machine-based car washes have a lot of debris and dirt which are sucked into your paint, creating scratches and fine etching after a single wash. It’s probably better researching and washing your vehicle yourself.

2. Why it’s worth it to purchase an auto cover

There are many reasons to purchase a car cover. Of course , it’s going to protect your car from dirt, dust and bird poop away from your beautiful paintwork. However, it also shields your paintwork against UV harm and the fade sunlight can cause outside and inside. Additionally, if your cat decides to make use of your Mercedes-Benz as a climbing frame, it will keep their claws from damaging your car’s bodywork. 

The most often overlooked benefit is that, if your vehicle is parked outside and protected the car will be secure from unwanted attention. Covers will not deter determined criminals. However, it could be enough to protect your vehicle from window smashers or any other criminals.
Buying a car cover can greatly extend the life of your vehicle by saving it and giving it a new look. The best solution for your Mercedes-Benz you’ll find on

2. Maintain the battery in good condition

Your car’s battery should be in good shape in order to operate smoothly. But, if the battery’s connections aren’t perfect, it might not start at all. Also, you must remove the battery terminals and clean the posts with professional cleaning products or soda. After that, wash off the cleaning solution using liquid and then dry your posts. After that, install the battery terminals for the final step.
3. Check the brake pads

When is the right moment to replace your brakes is listed in the Mercedes-Benz owners manual. Typically, you need to replace them every 20 000 miles. If, however, you drive your car on highways rather than on roads and you are a frequent driver, you might need to replace your brakes more frequently.

4. Make sure your tires are in good condition

Maintaining your tires in good condition can help reduce the possibility of a collision when driving your vehicle. Start by reading the owner’s manual to find out the correct tire pressure. Then, you can inflate the tires each month with a gauge , while maintaining the pressure. Keep in mind that tires that aren’t properly inflated increase the risk of crash by 3 times. It is recommended to rotate the tires every 6,000 miles or when you change your oil. Also, be sure to check for the same alignment, otherwise it could result in uneven tread.

5. Replace the oil

The engine’s oil is its blood that you should top at least every 10,000 miles to prevent certain issues. The dipstick can be used to determine the amount of oil you need to add. Keep in mind that the color of the oil is not black, If it is, that implies that you should change it. The color of oil is typically amber but can become black because of added chemical, heat, or pollutants.

Also, you should examine the coolant level to make sure that the heat by the engine is taken out. Check the owner’s manual to discover where the coolant is.

6. Check the drive belt

The drive belts create energy by moving this power from the crankshaft into the steering pump, alternator air conditioning compressor and water pump and are an integral element in Mercedes-Benz engines. It is important to visually check the serpentine belt each time you go for 4000 miles and replace them when required. This will decrease maintenance expenses and prevent expensive repairs. Also, you should replace pulleys that are noisy or loose.

7. Keep it Clean

Your Mercedes is a true beautiful thing. Maintaining your car’s cleanliness is essential to maintain the appearance. Make sure to wash your car frequently to keep it shining. Don’t forget to apply a coat of wax and put on the car’s cover.


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