LGBT+ people usually have difficulty finding suitable matches for dating. As a gay man, you might have to join online dating websites for matchmaking that are full of straights and see inappropriate behaviors regarding your sexual orientation.

However, thanks to the niche dating sites dedicated to gay people, things have changed for the better. You can use these services to find the dates or hookups you’re looking for and get in touch with them without worrying about judgments or other unfavorable reactions. So if you’re a gay looking for man partners around you, the niche dating platforms are the best-liked options to consider.

Aside from the positive impacts of these sites on gay men, knowing about famous people with this orientation will increase its acceptance. If you’re into the world of sports and racing, it’s interesting to know that some well-known racers are gay.

Here is a list of gay racers who have done pretty well in the racing scene.

Hurley Haywood

Hurley Haywood and Peter Gregg were among the most popular names for motor racing events of the 1970s. At that time, Haywood kept things secret about his personal life, including his sexual orientation. He had won numerous championships and attracted the eyes of so many individuals.

Even though he made many appearances with women, he didn’t come out publicly as gay until 2018. Hurley: From The Beginning is the name of his autobiography, which has also been made into a documentary. In the book, he explains that his close friends knew about him being gay, but the divisive nature surrounding the LGBTQ communities made him keep it under wraps.

Mike Beuttler

When you look at the highest level of motorsport, Mike Beuttler is the only gay male driver to have raced against many Formula 1 drivers in the 1970s. But then, this British driver suddenly disappeared, and no one had heard anything about him for more than ten years. Finally, in 1988, his family announced his death in Los Angeles because of Aids.

Many people describe Beuttler as the first driver of Formula 1 who was openly gay. But as some of his friends have said, he always took his lovely girlfriend to races so that no one would suspect him of being gay in those days.

Stephen Rhodes

Rhodes is a gay car racer born in 1984 in North Carolina, USA. In 2003, he raced in NASCAR’s Truck Series and then took some time off from the racing world. He came out when he was 17, a year before making his NASCAR Truck Series debut. In 2013, Rhodes married Andy Mitchell in Manhattan, but he currently lives with his fiancé Nathan Davis in Raleigh, NC.

In an interview with NASCAR Race Hub, Rhodes said that everyone around him was aware of his orientation, and he never experienced any confrontations.

Danny Watts

Danny Watts is an English racing driver who started racing in 1993. He first began with karting, and after five years, he stepped up to single-seater racing. Watts came out in 2017 and was announced to be gay. In an interview with, he said that being a racing driver is a masculine sport and gay people feel like they have to avoid revealing themselves.

He first told his friends and family members and then decided to let everyone know about it. Many experts consider Watts as the highest-profile racing driver all over Europe.

Wrap Up

Being gay no more has to be a challenge for anyone. With the considerable increase in the number of online dating websites and the support LGBTQ community members receive, the personal lives of these individuals have gotten much better than before. Nowadays, you can find famous names in different fields who are gay, and the racing world has been no exception.


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