Car owners today are keen on upgrading and enhancing their vehicles. Among the many enhancements that could be made, window tinting is one of the most popular. Car tints are favored by many vehicle owners because it’s a practical enhancement that hits two birds with one stone. When done with good quality, it can make your car look better while also adding a layer of privacy when you’re inside the car.

Having your car windows tinted doesn’t mean you no longer have to clean regularly. In fact, you may even need to be more cautious about how you care for your windows when it’s been tinted. Tinted car windows need special care to discourage cracking, peeling, and to keep them well-maintained for a long time. These practices, along with keeping a contact list of a KC car accident attorney in case of mishaps, should be a part of keeping your car well-maintained at all times.

If you’ve recently had your car windows tinted, you may have been on the fence as to how you can take care of it. Here are the things you should take note of:

Never Use Abrasive Products On Your Car

As a rule of thumb, you should never use any abrasive products on your car tint. Sharp brushes or cloths will only scratch your tints. This results in windows that appear clawed. To avoid this from happening, it’s best to stick to soft cloths, paper towels, or microfiber towels when wiping and cleaning your car windows.

Keep Your Windows Clean From The Exterior

Taking good care of your car windows and auto detailing goes beyond keeping it clean from the outside. The car window’s exterior is exposed to the harsh elements from the outside, so you have to strive to keep it clean from the exterior.

To do this, use a gentle glass cleaner so you can break the accumulation of dust, water spots, and dirt. Remember, the cleaner has to be gentle. As much as possible, you want to avoid glass cleaners with ammonia. This chemical can destroy both the tint and the window glass itself. But if you don’t want to buy commercial cleaners, you can use what you may already have at home. A pH-neutral dishwashing soap will also do just the trick.

Start By Cleaning Your Windows Naturally

Cleaning your tinted windows naturally means going back to basics. A microfiber cloth or towel and water can do just the trick. Before applying any cleaning agent on your tint, it’s a good practice to start with just water. It’s as easy as spraying water to the windows and then wiping it off later with a microfiber towel. This method is best especially if your tinted windows have become slightly soiled or streaked.

Don’t Touch Your Tint Right After Installation

This tip applies to car owners who may have just had their car windows tinted or will soon have it done. It’s a good practice not to touch your car window tint at least within the first 30 days from installation. Don’t roll it down and don’t try to wash it or clean it up.

Right after installation, the thin layer of film in your car window needs time to cure. This refers to the film sticking to the window’s surface and drying in place. On average, this process can take at least a month to completely dry.

Brush Dirt Particles First

This tip should be followed by car owners who have extremely dirty windows. Before wiping your windows or soaking them with water, you may want to brush the surface first with a soft-bristled brush or a soft cloth. This is an extra step of caution to help dislodge any dirt and debris on your windows.

Without brushing first before wetting your windows, the danger is the debris may scratch the tint and the window itself. Once you’re certain that no debris can scratch your windows, then you can proceed with soaking your windows to give them a thorough, deep clean.

Roll The Window Down

Don’t forget also to roll the window down regularly as you clean your car tints. The top edge of the glass that goes into the window track should also be cleaned. If not, an unsightly dirt line or smear will be visible on the tint each time you roll down your window.


The decision to have your car windows tinted should be partnered with learning how to take good care of it. Otherwise, it’ll age and succumb to destruction quite easily. Your main goal for tinting your car windows should be to enhance your car’s look. The tips above should give you all the insights you need to ensure your car windows’ tint stays well-maintained and protected.


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