Many car owners are well-versed in waxing and washing their cars to have a neat appearance. What most find challenging is maintaining the brand-new look of the vehicle for as long as possible.

A car that’s shiny all the time is complementary for the owner. It also guarantees a higher resale value compared to a vehicle with a neglected worn outlook. Some may think maintaining the vehicle’s appearance requires plenty of time and money, but this isn’t true. 

Having A Premium Car

There are simple steps to achieve a sleek and vibrant look for your car. Here are four ways to keep your vehicle looking brand new all the time: 

  1. Do A Maintenance Routine

A maintenance routine is one of the tricks to keep your car looking new all the time, and these include the interior and exterior of your vehicle. You can look at this site to hire experts who specialize in maintaining the original quality.

On your part, you can do basic maintenance to minimize wear and tear. For instance, having a faded tire makes your vehicle look older. Give it a shiny appearance by applying tire moisturizers after washing. 

Also, apply a great UV protector and leather conditioner on the leather interior and vinyl as they’re prone to fade, making your seats look old and tattered. These are some of the things you can do on your own to keep your car looking brand new.

  1. Wash Your Car Regularly

This may seem common among car owners, but most do it the wrong way. When done properly and regularly, washing your car is a reliable way to keep its appearance. Start cleaning from the top and not from underneath. 

Use only automobile car washing soaps because other soaps could contain chemicals harsh on car paint, stripping off its wax coating. When cleaning glasses and side mirrors, use soaps designated for that purpose as other washing agents can encourage fog or glass tinting.

Always use a separate cloth to clean the wheels to prevent getting brake dust on the surface. Also, it’s wrong to spray cleaning products directly on your car even if those are designated for your auto. Instead, always apply the products through a towel. 

Ensure the cloth is soaked in water before applying it to minimize the effects of chemicals on your vehicle. It’s also a preventive measure against applying chemicals on parts that don’t need it.

  1. Get Rid Of Blemishes Instantly

A lot of foreign things get attached to your car every day such as bug residues, tree saps, road tar, water stains, steel dust, bird droppings, and others. Don’t wait until you want to wash your car before you get rid of them. Whenever you sight any form of blemish, apply a car washer on your towel and wipe it off instantly. It helps to always go around with these in your car storage to do this immediately.

All foreign materials are mostly contaminants and enemies for your car paint. Sometimes, they result in sticky residues that may be hard to remove. They can also erode the coat paint finishing of your car. Bug residues and bird droppings are very acidic while tree saps are sticky and can ruin the car’s exterior; road tars and hard water stains are tough to remove, and steel dust can leave a rust stain. Be familiar with these and act as soon as possible.

  1. Wax Your Car

Waxing does a lot of good effects on your car’s interior and exterior appearance when performed rightly. The common benefit most users are aware of is it gives cars their shiny appearance, but wax does more than this. It acts as a protective barrier between your car and foreign materials, which means contaminants can’t damage your paint when they get on your car.

Many people wax in the wrong way, resulting in damages to certain parts. When wax seeps into jambs, cracks, moldings, mirrors, trims, among others, it may end up leaving a stain that’s hard to remove or may become permanent, so make sure to protect these areas before waxing. Don’t forget also to avoid waxing under the sun. 


Keeping your car looking brand new all the time isn’t impossible once you follow the tips above. Repainting may give a brand-new look, but months later, the paint starts to wash off, leaving the vehicle looking old.

Having a well-maintained car begins by doing the usual practices in a better way. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you take care of your vehicle.


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