Breathing new life into an old car is much more cost-effective than buying a new one. With some sensible investments, you can bring your old banger up to date, and save yourself the added expenses that come with car financing or leasing. Here are some simple and cheap ways to make a car look and feel like it is brand new again.

Update The Plate

The quickest and simplest way to give your car a new look and freshen its appearance is with private number plates. These can hide your car’s age, give it an air of exclusivity, and increase its value.

It can be a lot of fun searching for a unique combination of letters and numbers that mean something to you, or any plate that takes your fancy. You can search for private number plates at, which has been dealing with number plates for 40 years. They can help you find the perfect plate for your car. 

You will need to have new number plates made, allowing you to add style or functionality to your car. There are a number of different legal fonts and styles of plate for you to choose from and you can have a plate with the UK identifier if you plan on driving in continental Europe.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

The most common problem older cars suffer from often goes unnoticed. The air filters and exhaust allow your car to breathe, and airflow is incredibly important to fuel consumption and performance.

Air filters and exhausts get clogged up by debris and soot over time. Getting them replaced with new parts can make your car feel young again. Most drivers experience a boost in acceleration, especially diesel car drivers. Their diesel particulate filters (DPFs) can become clogged with soot from diesel fumes and prevent the engine from performing at full horsepower.

Replacing filters costs little to do but makes a big difference to a car. When paired with an oil change, this simple part change can give a tired old engine a new lease on life.

Deep Cleaning And Detailing

To do this job properly will take some time but all the elbow grease will be worth it. Deep cleaning a car inside and out will take a full weekend, including a detailing session to polish things off.

There are lots of different methods and treatments to choose from. If you are not careful you can spend a lot of money on washes, waxes, and protective coatings. Let your budget make the decisions for you. Decide how much you are going to spend and then choose the products and equipment you can afford.

Invest some money in a headlight lens restoration kit. One of these will not only help to make your car look like new, but it will also improve your vision on the road at night. The lenses of headlights can get clouded and scratched, diffusing the light from your bulbs and making them less effective. Clean lenses will illuminate more of the road and help you spot hazards.

Recover Your Car Interior

This sounds like it would be a huge and expensive job, but it doesn’t have to be. There are actually a number of luxury seat cover kits available that can give your car interior an executive-level upgrade.

Leather seats with detailed diamond stitching can bring some decadence to an old banger, and give your car a whole new look inside to match the outside. You don’t have to stop at the seats, either. There are lots of luxury mats available to match the new seat covers and complete the look inside.

Even dashboards can be refreshed. Sun damage can cause rippling and bubbling on dash covers, and can also cause discolouration. This can be repaired though you should be prepared to part with a lot of cash, it takes skilled work to recover and refit a dashboard.

Wrap It Up

Repainting a car is incredibly expensive and time-consuming, but wrapping a car in vinyl wrap gives you all the benefits of a new paint job without the cost or the wait.

Wrapping a vehicle gives you more options than just colour too. You can choose to have patterns or the names of part manufacturers added, or even works of art if you want. The simplest update is often the best, so choose a colour that suits the car and will hide any imperfections in the bodywork.

Once the work is done, you will struggle to recognise your car. In as little as an afternoon, your dull paintwork can be replaced with a fresh, new, and sparkling colour.

These updates will all make a big change to how you feel about your car. They can also add years of extra life to your beloved motor, and save you a fortune compared to buying a new vehicle.


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