Formula 1 is a hugely popular sport with an army of avid followers across the globe. High-profile races, set in the most beautiful of locations draw huge crowds, both in person at the event and in homes and sports bars. Merchandising sees high sales of a variety of items, with the two most commonly seen brands adorning t-shirts for example being Mercedes and Ferrari. Mercedes have been the dominant force for most of the last decade. Ferrari, while not having been too successful lately, still boasts an impressive history in the sport. 

Ferrari are also known for being the producers of pricey, high spec, world-famous supercars. While Mercedes produces top-class cars, the mystique around Ferrari remains. It is the dream car for the majority of people. They are known to turn heads whenever one is seen. Yet, since the days of Michael Schumacher, Ferrari have lacked a skilled driver to bring more attention to their Formula 1 team which they crave.

Lewis Hamilton

British driver Lewis Hamilton is the man most bettors lean towards in this sport. A thorn in Ferraris’s side since winning his first championship in 2008. While Germans Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg, threatened his dominance, Vettel winning four championships in a row, his quality has shown through. Currently tied with Schumacher at seven World Drivers Championships apiece, few would bet against him surpassing that record this year to become the outright leader of all time. 

With a vast array of options available to bet on at an online casino, it may be worth remembering if you don’t fancy an all season bet, Hamilton obviously does well in the vast majority of races. With nearly 100 career wins, the opportunity is there to cash in on race-winner markets or certainly podium finishes as he strives to stay at the top. Bets like who will have the Fastest Lap can also hold interest. While not guaranteed, you can be sure Lewis Hamilton will be pushing his car to the max. Online casinos offer drivers special bets so take your pick and enjoy the racing. Knowledgeable Formula 1 fans can reap the rewards of picking a winner.

Challengers this season

Hamilton is a firm favorite to lift the trophy again this year at about odds of 1/2. While there is a high possibility of this happening, you can understand the gambler’s impatience and the reluctance of having money tied up for the season. Yet, it may be worth it as his only real challenger in the eyes of many, is Dutchman Max Verstappen. Son of retired driver Jos Verstappen, many feel he is a future champion of F1. Although odds of just under 2/1 are available for him to win the championship, it may have come too soon for him. He may be a better bet next year when he has more experience under his belt.

The fact that Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton’s teammate at Mercedes, pops up next is no surprise. While he is a skilled driver, it is more to do with the utmost confidence in the car that he is rated so highly. At odds hovering around 40/1, he might be the outside bet that you are looking for. But remember, he will be playing second fiddle to Hamilton. Sergio Perez comes in next at 50/1 before the rest all reach odds offered that would result in a massive betting upset. Driving for Red Bull now, he is a bit of a journeyman in Formula 1, having driven for several teams. Despite this, he has only ever won one race, making his chances of winning the championship extremely unlikely.

Shock race wins

If betting on outsiders is your thing, Formula 1 has provided some shocks just like every other sport. The favorites don’t always get it their way. While the outsider route can require a lot of patience, big payouts can happen. Yet, it is rare so be prepared to wait and enjoy the races while hoping to hit the jackpot. In recent history, complete rank outsiders have won despite no one giving them a chance. Due to a combination of a variety of reasons, any driver’s dream can become reality.

Pastor Maldonado and Pierre Gasly provided two of the most recent shocks, in 2012 and 2020 respectively. As you can see there is a big gap in time, which will not appeal to most gamblers. Despite high odds, it is the waiting game that will put most off. There are a lot of races each year that offer far more ways to make regular profits possible. Outsiders finishing on the podium or in the top six places may be a far better bet. If you get tired of waiting for that elusive win, playing games like roulette online can get the adrenaline flowing again and could get you back to winning ways!

Betting On The Car

It stands to reason that the drivers at the top usually have the best performing car. If you are a car enthusiast, bets are on offer each race and over the course of the season. Markets such as the winning car of the race or even qualifying can be wagered on, also giving the cushion of having two drivers on each team.

The Constructors Championship rewards the most consistent scoring team throughout the year. A very prestigious award, it recognizes the efforts of every member of the team, who struggle for perfection to ensure their drivers have the best chances possible.


Formula 1 offers fascinating betting opportunities. From season-long bets to one-off race bets, punters can enjoy the excitement of high-speed cars hurtling around the track, pulling often dangerous maneuvers. Crashes can happen, but the safety levels have improved a lot. The coverage provided by television companies these days gives an insight into every aspect of the racing weekend.

The advent of live in-play betting helped to make it more interesting. Odds on pit stops and lap leaders intrigued viewers of the sport and betting increased as the betting markets available grew. The days of betting pre-race have been changed forever by online casinos. The option is always there to get involved if you see someone speeding their way up the leaderboard!


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