No one wants to be in a situation where they find themselves locked out of their cars. It can be a harrowing experience because the driver may not have any experience handling the problems by themselves. Unless the person has a spare key, getting back inside the car without damaging it or calling for a professional help can be difficult.

Car owners can do several things to avoid car door lockout situations. Here are some things that they can habitually do to ensure they prevent such situations from happening.

Lock the car from the outside

One of the best ways to ensure that there won’t be any car lockout problems is to hold your keys and lock your doors until you exit the car. While other people have the habit of setting their keys atop the passenger seat, ensure you place your keys alongside your wallet, phone, and other important items so you won’t forget them. Better yet, use a fanny pack to store your essentials and check periodically before alighting from the car. 

Invest in a fob

Another thing a car owner can do is invest in a car key fob. A fob provides one-factor authentication to facilitate access to a device or equipment such as a computer, car, or keyless entry system. These devices must be programmed properly to ensure they work correctly. Using such a fob will reduce the possibility of getting locked out of the car.

Keep a spare key handy 

One way to ensure you won’t have any problems with car door lockouts is to carry a duplicate key with you. Put it inside your purse, wallet, or fanny pack and use it for emergencies. You can also use a magnetic box and hide the spare key on the vehicle’s underside or the wheel wells. 

Use a lanyard or carabiner

If you’re forgetful, you can use an elastic lanyard to ensure you won’t forget the keys. Once the key’s out of the ignition, you can train yourself to put it around your neck. Alternatively, you can use a carabiner to loop the keys to your belt. Habitually attaching the key to your loops or putting them around your neck will reduce your chances of forgetting the keys.

Subscribe to an onboard security program

One of the best ways to avoid a car door lockout situation is to subscribe to an application that helps you with your vehicle. These applications can help you unlock the door remotely via an operator or an on-phone program. The subscription fee will be worth it.

Join a local car club

Alternatively, one can sign up for their local car club for a small annual fee. Typically, these car clubs offer free car door opening services as part of the perks. However, your annual fee will be a terrific investment as it can be the difference between doing it yourself or having a professional on-call paid for by the club. 


Car owners can prevent door lockout situations easily. Other methods are available to ensure that there wouldn’t be any such situations. 


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