Despite the severity of the work, this is one of the professions that are in demand in the United States, which makes it possible to earn more than the average American and see the country without leaving a truck. Any person over the age of 21 who has a legal status in America and a valid CDL Class A license can become a trucker in the USA.

If you decide to work as a trucker in CA, then truck driving school will help you achieve this goal with ease. Want to know more details about the profession? In this review, we will look at all the intricacies of obtaining a CDL.

What Documents Are Required to Work as a Truck Driver?

There is a rule in the country: to work as a truck driver, one must have a legal status in the United States and CDL (Commercial Driver License) rights, which are issued only after obtaining local rights for a passenger car. To obtain an original CDL (class A, B, or C), you need to collect documents with which you can apply for a study permit at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office.

This package of documents includes:

  • The license of your chosen state (Class D, Class E, or no-CDL C) for a US passenger car;
  • SSN (Social Security Number) is a social security number that is designed for tax and pension accounting. In fact, it is a national identification number;
  • Work permit;
  • A medical certificate that confirms your physical health and ability to drive the selected vehicle.

Theoretical & Practical Stages — Key Specs

You will not get a truck driving license in a day or so. To work as a trucker in CA, you will need to successfully accomplish the two stages:

  • Theoretical stage — This is the passing of theory on the computer. This stage includes passing three tests: General Knowledge (50 questions), Combination Vehicle (25 questions), Air Brake (25 questions). They can be taken separately and on different days;
  • Practical Stage — Upon successful completion of the above three tests, you will receive a Commercial Training Permit (CLP). This is a student card that allows you to drive a car of the appropriate class under the guidance of an instructor. The permit entitles you to attend a driving school or drive in the presence of a driver who already has a full Class A CDL license. This is required to pass the road test. Road testing consists of three components: Pre-Trip Inspection, Basic Control Skills Test, and On-Road Driving Test. Upon successful completion of the Commercial Driving Test, your local DMV office will issue you a temporary CDL that is valid for 90 days. Then you can start your trucking career.

Having a clear idea of what to do will help you get a truck driving license and achieve all your goals with ease.


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