Every car owner wants to give their vehicle an unforgettable and unique look. Car upgrades can cost a lot of money, but there are more affordable ways to make your car more recognizable. You can buy badges, logos, stickers, or dodge emblems. All decorative items for sale at an affordable price are sure to enhance the unique look of your car.

Emblems, stickers, and accessories can tell you about your life priorities, hobbies, and sense of humour. Humorous inscriptions and jokes, funny pictures, and characters are quite popular. With their help, you can express your attitude to various events, emphasize your sense of humour or vital optimism. No less common are stickers in the stylistics of motorsports, imitating the design of sports cars, emblems of brands, and concerns. You can install any decorative element by yourself, no special efforts are required.

Use of emblems, stickers, and accessories

Emblems, stickers, and accessories on cars are widely used for corporate and advertising purposes. Entrepreneurs, companies, and business organizations complement the appearance of the working cars with pictures of brands, names, contact information, marketing offers. This is advantageous, as it is possible to effectively distribute useful information about the work of their institution, the services, and the goods of the firm, without spending a lot of money. Saving on advertising, efficiency, and wide coverage of the audience are provided only through small banners on the car.

Types of emblems, stickers, and accessories

Natalex auto catalog presents a wide range of emblems, stickers, and accessories in different colours, forms, and designs: black and white, monochrome, different colours (covered with special protective varnish – won’t scratch, is not subject to wear out), chrome.

Emblems on cars are made of modern, high-quality materials:

  • metal;
  • with chrome plating;
  • carbon fibre;
  • made of durable ABS plastic;

Classification of stickers also includes a division of products into groups, depending on their abilities:

  • a standard film with a matte or glossy surface;
  • high-quality copies intended for application only on glass surfaces;
  • retroreflective versions of the sticker, which reflect the rays falling on them in the dark time of day;
  • fluorescent sticker models, which are coatings that absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night.

In addition to decorative functions, stickers can convey a variety of information to others. Special signs warn that there is a small child in the car, or an emblem, which informs the traffic about the novice driver, etc.

How to install emblems, stickers, and accessories

The stickers are designed for fixing on wheel disks, automobile decorative hubcaps, hub caps, and hub plugs and can be used for interior and exterior car tuning. We recommend applying them on a dry and clean surface at a temperature above 10 degrees Celsius.

Emblems can be independently installed on the car on:

  • trunk;
  • doors;
  • speakers;
  • hood;
  • mats;
  • fenders;
  • steering wheel;
  • universal;
  • radiator grille.

Depending on the chosen place of installation of the badge, as well as the model of the car, according to the method of attachment of emblems are divided into:

  • self-adhesive emblems;
  • installation in special grooves thanks to the fasteners located on the emblem itself.

Both methods are quite simple. You can do the installation of the emblems yourself or contact a service centre. Regardless of the installation method, all emblems are fastened securely and have a long service life.


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