When it comes time to sell your car and upgrade to a newer model, you likely want the process to go as quickly as possible. For this reason, many people do not bother making repairs or upgrades to their car if they plan on selling it. However, many simple repairs and upgrades can add serious resale value to your car—taking some time to make some simple upgrades could be a great investment to have you on the road to maximizing your car’s resale value.

Before you can examine how to add resale value to your car by making minor improvements, it is important to consider how your car’s resale value will be determined. Many factors go into determining a car’s resale value, but one major factor is physical appearance, consistent maintenance and good condition. Take a look for yourself at how some of these simple repairs and upgrades can help you get the most out of the sale of your car.

1. New Tires

Many people shy away from purchasing new tires for a car they are planning to sell based on the cost of tires alone. But, not only do worn and balding tires make a vehicle perform poorly and cause safety concerns, but they can also significantly decrease the car’s resale value. Most serious buyers will ask lots of questions about the age and condition of the existing tires. Replacing tires that are in poor condition can serve as a major selling point for you. The return on your investment will be worth it, as you will be able to increase the car’s resale value with brand new tires.

2. Cosmetic Repairs

For many buyers, the appearance and aesthetics of a vehicle are quite important. A car that is in poor shape, with many dings, scratches, or other major cosmetic defects, will have significantly less resale value than the same vehicle in excellent, pristine condition. By improving some cosmetic defects, you can attract many more potential buyers and be able to sell your car at top dollar. 

While some cosmetic repairs can be costly, there are many damages which are quick fix upgrades or repairs. A great place to start is by googling DIY fixes and watching YouTube videos. You’ll be surprised to learn how many fixes even a novice car owner can do themselves!

3. Car Detailing 

Wondering if getting your car detailed is a smart investment for your car? Check out this blog post from 3domwraps, which explores the many benefits of vehicle detailing as it pertains to increasing your car’s value. Car detailing may not be as costly as you’d think. Basic car detailing can range from $50 to $150, but it’s money well spent since it can quickly give your car a deep cleaning and cosmetic upgrade without much hassle or investment. Depending on the size and type of car, car detailing is a fast and simple investment to help you command more money when selling your car.

Car detailing is especially important if you are selling a vehicle with lots of interior seat or carpet damages or staining. Your car will come out of auto detailing looking top-notch to sell at the best possible price.

4. Know Insurance Costs

Doing some simple research into the best auto insurance companies can help you when reselling your car. Though everyone’s rates will vary depending on location, driving record and other factors, getting an idea of general quote estimates will leave you with a quick answer for potential buyers wondering how much insurance will cost them for that vehicle. This is especially helpful if you are selling a luxury or sports car with high insurance prices.

5. Headlight Replacement and Cleaning

Replacing your car’s headlights is a super simple way to increase your car’s resale value. If you choose to upgrade to LED or HID light bulbs, this can be a selling point used when you’re talking up your vehicle. Be sure to choose the right headlight set designed for your make and model of car. If you have any cloudiness to the headlights, this would be a good time to address this cosmetic concern as well. Many cleaners are available that are specifically designed to target the cloudiness that appears on headlights over time. 

6. Buy New Floor Mats

Faded or poor condition floor mats can make your car seem old and dated. Replacing your car’s floor mat is an inexpensive way to improve its interior cosmetic appearance. If your floor mats are still in acceptable shape, a simple wash may be all you need to help them look new again. All-weather floor mats are also a great option to offer to your buyers.

We hope this list has been helpful to motivate you to take a few simple steps to have you saying “ca-ching!” when it comes time to sell your car.


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