Vehicle ownership comes with a great deal of responsibility. Before purchasing a vehicle, car owners must satisfy specific requirements to prove their qualifications for car ownership. Typically, these requirements and responsibilities are established to protect civilians on the road, including yourself. In the case of violations and accidents, SR22 insurance is worth looking at.

What is SR22 Insurance and Why Would I Need It?

Essentially, an SR22, SR-22, or SR 22 insurance is an insurance certificate that confirms the existence of your car’s insurance. Essentially, this insurance confirms that you have met the car insurance coverage requirements of your state or country. 

Some places around the globe might reference SR22 insurance differently but they all refer to the same definition. In California, SR22 California insurance can be processed by your auto insurance company and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Despite being called SR22 insurance, take note that it’s not an insurance policy but rather a form registered in your state. With an SR22 insurance form, your car insurance company certifies that you’re financially liable for any mishaps, and that you’re maintaining coverage. Usually, you’re required to obtain an SR22 insurance because of the following:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Driving with a suspended license 
  • Driving without insurance coverage
  • At-fault accidents

Saving on SR22 Insurance Costs

While getting an SR22 insurance without any violations is relatively cheaper, rates jump up to USD$1,300 and more if you have filed it with a violation. The average SR22 insurance rate in California is $1,783.

To receive full adherence to the insurance requirements, you’re encouraged to pay for the full coverage amount. Since drivers with violations need more coverage, they’ll have to pay more than a one-time filing fee of $25 that most states and regions charge. 

To help you get back on the road safely, it’s wiser to seek cheap SR22 Insurance California with the help of these tips:


  • Learn Everything About SR22


Spenders should always educate themselves before any significant purchase to maximize value for money. Before finding any cheap SR22 insurance providers, make sure not to familiarize only, but to fully understand the requirements, rules, and policies of this process. If you’re based in California, the DMV can educate you about how the filing process works, how to meet the minimum coverage requirements according to your case, and more information about obtaining an SR22 in your state.


  • Alert Your Auto Insurance Company


In case your auto insurance company isn’t aware of your plan to have an SR22 insurance, informing them first can bring merits to your cheap SR22 hunting journey. Many auto insurance agencies also cover SR22 insurance to be supplemented to your existing policy. 

Adding SR22 to your current insurance policy has both pros and cons. On the brighter side, your insurance agent can take care of the paperwork but for an additional fee. Having your insurance on the same provider also offers convenience. On the other hand, you can find cheaper options if you look outside the box. 


  • Compare Quotes Available Within Your Location


Once you decide to take a separate SR22 insurance path from your insurance company, the next hunt should focus on affordable options nearby your location for more accessibility and ensuring that you’re following the right state rules. To see SR22 insurance providers within your area, you can browse on the Yellow Pages, or visit various insurance quote comparison websites that compare rates according to your location. 

Like any other types of market, the insurance agency also experiences fluctuations. If you’re not in an extreme hurry, observing the market and searching for better insurance rate offers is also advantageous for saving. 


  • Make Adjustments to Your Policy


For individuals with embedded SR22 to their existing policies, lowering your overall insurance rates are paramount. While most drop their comprehensive coverage to decrease their insurance rates considerably, another way is to consider raising your deductible. 

If increasing the deductible doesn’t sound good to you, you can also opt to decrease limits of property damage liability, or lessen the coverage amount of your bodily injury liability. 


  • Lesson Learned: Avoid Driving Mistakes Again


Lastly, but most importantly, possessing responsibility and integrity will lower your insurance premiums in the long run and reduce the burden of even signing up for an SR22. Since the majority of people obtaining an SR22 insurance are those associated with reckless driving, drivers should exercise more caution and accountability. 


Driving mishaps are always possible on the road, so vehicle owners must ensure an action plan that they can perform when they unexpectedly encounter these accidents. Thanks to SR22 insurance, you can reestablish your driving privileges after unfortunate events, but you’ll have to pay a price. Through finding cheap SR22 insurance available within your area, you won’t have to pay the most expensive insurance while still guaranteeing your insurance coverage.


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