Vehicular accidents happen every year due to various reasons. Even if you’re careful enough, there are instances when a mishap can happen when you least expect it. Some of the usual causes of car accidents include speeding, severe weather, car breakdown, driving under the influence (DUI), distractions such as using a mobile phone, and many others. Regardless of the cause, most are likely to end up with damage to a vehicle that requires a specific repair job.  

If you’re involved in a vehicular accident, it’s crucial to determine who’s at fault. If you’re a victim of the negligence or carelessness of another individual, getting the right compensation should be the priority. Consulting an experienced NJ auto accident attorney would be a good starting point when you want a good outcome, especially in getting fair compensation. 

Timely repair is crucial when your vehicle ends up with any form of damage. Doing so ensures your vehicle is safe to drive on the road again. Here are the common car repairs you’ll likely face after a vehicular accident.  

  • Body Dents  

A repair job on a dent will depend on the severity of the deformity after a car accident. However, if the dent is more than a 90-degree angle, the entire section of the bodywork requires replacement.  

A technician may use a dent puller or stud welder for minor dents. These tools work by suctioning or maneuvering the dent back into place. If there are several dents or one that covers a wide area, the restoration process may take longer and need more intensive repair. 

  • Paint Job  

In most vehicular accidents, it may only result in a scratch, scuff, chip, or scrape on the paint’s surface. Generally, once the surface of your vehicle scrapes against a hard surface, it’s likely that the paint to come off.  

If the paint on your vehicle was only scuffed, in which only the upper layer is damaged, it only requires a touch-up at a body shop. For an extra touch in improving the exterior of your vehicle, a detailing job may be something you can consider.  

It’s likely that the paint to be scraped off completely at the site of impact. In such cases, it requires additional repairs on the bodywork before repainting with new paint.  

  • Misaligned Framing  

In serious collisions, it’s likely for the framework of the vehicle to be crumpled. Once this happens, it requires a repair job that involves frame straightening. Depending on the damage to the framework, a technician will utilize various methods, such as a combination of chains and hydraulics, to realign the impaired framework.  

  • Bumper Repair 

After a collision, a damaged bumper requires attention since it’s likely to worsen over time. While you continue using your vehicle, the bumper vibrates; if it’s loose or bent, the damage will only worsen. Furthermore, a damaged bumper won’t protect your car adequately if another collision occurs.  

The technician will assess the degree of damage. If the damage is minor, dent removal techniques may help restore the bumper’s shape and ensure it clings to the body. Replacing the bumper will be a safe option if the damage is extensive. 

  • Headlights Replacement  

In most car accidents, it may involve damage to the headlights. If one or both headlights have been damaged, a technician can replace them with new ones. A technician will inspect to determine if a bulb needs replacement. In serious collisions, the entire headlight can end up damaged beyond repair. Luckily, a repair job involves swapping the smashed piece and fitted with a new one. 

  • Misaligned Wheels  

If the wheels of your vehicle are affected after a car accident, it’ll be difficult to steer your car especially if it’s still running. It can pose a safety hazard while on the road, and if you continue to drive your car, it’ll wear out the tires unevenly. In some cases, the misalignment of the wheels might indicate damage to the suspension. 

  • Body Panel Replacement  

In severe cases of car accidents, one or several body panels may require replacement. Generally, a replacement job is necessary if your vehicle is sustaining serious dents that repair tools can’t fix.  

Sadly, dent removal methods might not be effective. Most of the latest car models tend to crumple upon impact. Essentially, it aims to protect the passengers. In serious collisions, it means the body panel is beyond repair. Your technician will source a body panel compatible with your car’s model and make. The process involves removing the damaged body panel and installing a new one. 

  • Glass Cracks

A repair job is crucial when the glass windshield or windows sustain damage after a collision. If the entire glass panel has been smashed, a technician will replace it with a new one. Remember that even a small crack can become an issue of concern for overall integrity.

Final Thoughts 

Car accidents are a common occurrence yearly. The damage a vehicle sustains will vary on various factors, such as speed, road conditions, and impact, to name a few. Regardless of the damage, it’s crucial to have the necessary repairs carried out by a professional. Doing so ensures all the damaged parts will be fixed or repaired so your vehicle always stays in good shape on the road.


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