Contrary to what some people expect, there are a large number of car accidents happening even in parking lots. It is why you should stay keen and alert even when you’re simply parking your car. Car crashes and accidental injuries can happen even when you least expect it.

Much like driving on the roads and streets, driving in parking spaces requires the same care. Parking mishaps happen for different reasons, like using their phones while navigating the parking area, and not following the parking directions, among other reasons. Even when businesses use safety bollards, which you can check out on this next page, people still let their guard down and contact different surfaces while parking.

So new drivers need to be familiar with the following parking lot safety tips.

  1. Stay Within The Lane

Like the streets, parking and garage areas also have lanes to guide you when parking your car. These places usually have aisles where you can navigate to the space of your choice. While it may be tempting to follow your shorter path, you should follow the parking lanes, as they’re designated for safety purposes. Staying in the driving area makes it much easier for other drivers and pedestrians to see where you’re going.

Cutting lanes with another driver also increases your accident risk. You could easily collide with another car by not following the right lane. As they could be expecting you to follow the right lane, they won’t be able to anticipate crashing into you. A fender bender or accident can be reduced by staying in the designated driving aisles.

  1. Always Be Alert And Attentive

No matter how good you are at driving, parking your car still requires your 101% full attention and alertness. Especially since parking requires you to drive in reverse and back out in the parking lot, you need to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. Backing out should be done slowly and with caution.

Parking spaces can be packed with people, and small children can playfully run around. When you’re alert in parking your car, you’ll be able to assess and observe the potential dangers and hazards of the situation. Before backing your vehicle, check all your mirrors and rely on your camera system if you have one installed. No matter your parking style or method preference, it’s crucial to be attentive and alert in parking.

  1. Park In A Well-Lit Area

If you’re going out at night, looking for a well-lit parking space or area is always best. Aside from helping you park easier, lights prevent thieves from breaking into your car while you’re away. It is also safer to return to your vehicle in a well-lit area and ensure that no one else is hiding behind your car.

You can see objects and hazards around your car more easily if a lot of light comes from a streetlight or parking lot lamp. Also, when the parking space is well-lit, you are more likely to notice other variables that make an impact on your parking.

  1. Follow Signs In Parking Areas

Fortunately, garage spaces and parking lots come with signages to better guide drivers. If you’re new to driving, getting more familiar with these different roads and parking signs is best. Be cautious when driving or parking in the lot. If there is no stop sign at an intersection, follow the right-of-way procedure.

Before you finally park in the space, check whether the car is available for parking. Some slots are reserved for company staff or people with disabilities. Ensure that you’re parking in a spot designated for you. Aside from these signs, keep an eye on the direction in which the pavement arrows are pointing.

  1. Don’t Be Distracted With Technology

Finally, this tip can’t be overstressed enough. Technology disruptions cause a large number of car crashes and accidents. Drivers were seen talking on the phones, texting, or listening to loud music. In such conditions, your attention level is decreased, and it’s more likely to get involved in an accident.

The technology in your car, such as your phone, GPS trackers, or infotainment system, can easily distract you when driving around a parking lot. While scrolling on your phone, you might find yourself rolling through the parking lot without paying attention to the surroundings. Try not to rely on technology when parking your car so you can reduce distractions. Be mindful of the environment first and ensure that you and your vehicle are safe before finally picking up that frantic call from some minutes ago.


New drivers are usually faced with the challenges of choosing the right vehicle. But the next best thing to do is to master driving, especially in the parking spaces. They usually feel anxious and nervous when parking their cars in the parking lot. But be aware that parking can be stressful not only for you but for everyone. However, knowing the right parking tips and rules can prevent mishaps and accidents. Follow the tips above, and you can find your way to feeling more at ease when you need to park your car.




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