Car accidents can be confusing, stressful, and even frightening, whether a small bump or a multi-vehicle crash. Knowing how to react is crucial to begin the car repair when faced with such a situation.   

Apart from medical or monetary issues arising after an accident, you should deal with the damage as soon as possible. Contact professional car repair experts like smash repair specialists to deal with the damages. Significant car damage can disrupt your daily family plans, commute, and overall movement, making it essential to solving the problem promptly and efficiently. That said, here’s how to get your car fixed after a crash.   

  • Contact Your Insurance Company 

The initial step is to file an insurance claim to handle the damage inflicted on your vehicle. Call your insurance company as you notify the authorities about the accident and that any medical requirements have been taken care of.  

The approval process for car accident claims can take time, so initiating the process without delay is advisable. Submitting your claim will also lower the total amount you’ll have to pay from your pocket. 

  • Document The Damage 

It’s crucial to document the damage to your car as thoroughly as possible. Utilize your phone camera to take pictures of all visible damages, including scratches and notches. If you don’t have the means to take pictures, make a written record of all the damages you notice.  

Having such documentation can speed up the insurance claim process. Moreover, it allows you to distinguish between damage caused by the car crash and any damage that might occur while your vehicle is parked on the side road, being towed, or parked in an impound yard. 

  • Take Your Car To A Safe Location 

After contacting your insurance company and documenting all the damages, look for the best way to move your car to a secure location. If the accident doesn’t hinder your ability to drive the vehicle, you can send it home and have it picked up there. You’ll need to arrange a tow truck if you can’t move the car.  

Your insurance company might recommend or even arrange a towing service to pick it up. If they don’t provide a recommendation, look for a trustworthy local towing company that offers such services at an affordable cost. For that reason, you won’t bear the price of a lengthy tow. Choose an automotive company offering towing and repair services to save on costs. 

  • Have Your Car Inspected 

It’s crucial to have your vehicle inspected immediately after the accident. The inspection will decide whether your insurance company considers your vehicle a total loss. Like the towing service, your insurance company may suggest an auto body shop perform the inspection, or you can select one yourself.  

Once the inspection is over, the automotive expert can give you a summary of the required repairs and a cost estimate.  

  • Get A Repair Estimate 

After the inspection, your insurance company will determine the repairs they will or won’t pay. Typically, insurance companies provide a set amount of money instead of an open-ended payment to cover specific repairs. A comprehensive estimate from your preferred auto body shop allows you to determine how best to use the insurance money.  

For instance, while you may need significant repairs taken care of immediately, you might use part of the insurance settlement to rent a car and repair paint issues later. It’s vital to remember that if your vehicle is considered a total loss or the other driver was responsible for the accident, your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company might cover the rental expenses.  

However, these settlements may take some time to be approved, so you may need to pay with your money first and request a refund later. 

  • Have Your Car Repaired 

The last step is to have the repairs done by a reputable automotive professional. Choosing a mechanic team specializing in crash damage is critical to ensure the best possible repair work. You may opt to get quotes from several auto shops if the one that performed your inspection doesn’t have extensive experience and skills with car crash repairs.  

Moreover, you can collaborate closely with your auto repair shop. Some shops offer services that can support you when you don’t have access to your vehicle. For instance, free transport services during the day, assistance renting a car through reputable rental companies, and insurance support.  

Once repaired, closely check out the repairs to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. If there are any issues with the repairs, contact your auto shop to have them addressed.   


Getting your car fixed after a crash can be stressful and complex. However, the following steps can ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly and in due time. Delaying the repair after a collision is not a good idea. The path toward reinstating your vehicle to its secure and reliable state begins with fixing the damage caused by a car crash.


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