For many people, driving is a pleasurable experience. Yes, there’s the occasional traffic jam and, once in a while, you might find yourself loathing a long journey or becoming frustrated at other road users, but on the whole, driving is considered enjoyable. As such, there are plenty of individuals out there looking to combine their love of driving with an occupation that will pay them to do so. Below are listed four such occupations – the first places to start looking if you’re a keen driver looking to combine your passion with an income.

Delivery Driving

Whether you’re young or old, delivery driving can be a satisfying job. You’ll be ordinarily working nights, when people are most likely to order a take-in, although the rise of certain apps has seen a rise in lunchtime takeaway orders, too. Delivery driving is perhaps the least stressful job you can enjoy sitting behind the wheel of your car. You’re free to socialise with the customers you deliver to, and you’re free to listen to your own music as you drive around. It’s a hot favourite with students and young people, but it’s a truly enjoyable job for any age group.

Bus Driving

More complex, more technical, and more like a ‘regular’ job in terms of your working hours, bus drivers are the kings of town driving. As a bus driver, you will need to be technically gifted at manoeuvring their vehicles through narrow streets and around tight bends. An essential quality is patience, and drivers must always be on the lookout for cyclists, pedestrians and other motorists. As such, bus drivers have a full-on job: it’s a job that demands a lot, but rewards as much and more. If you’re a fan of more involved driving, a career as a bus driver might be just down your street.

Taxi Service

The more private and more intimate form of bus driving is becoming a taxi driver. Driving a taxi, cabbies will tell you, provides a completely unique perspective on the city in which you work and the inhabitants of that city. It’s relaxed and slow-paced at times, but at times can be very busy, with wall to wall fares. If you’re a people person or you enjoy cruising around city centres in your car, then you should consider this profession. Remember to get insured with specialists such as Acorn Insurance, and contact a taxi company to get on their books.


As one of the more glamorous jobs to be found behind the wheel, you’ll perhaps want to consider a career in the police force. You’ll be trained in the likes of high-speed pursuits, ramming and evasive driving in order to occasionally pursuit at high speed on the road. It’s not a career that everyone would feel comfortable in, but if you’re looking for a few more thrills and spills in your job behind the wheel, you should certainly consider a life as a police driver. These occupations are the four principal jobs that’ll place you behind the wheel in order to earn you money. Bear them in mind if you’re ever considering combining your passion for driving with your career.  

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