Are you friends with, or is someone from the family, a fan of muscle cars and you can’t seem to find the perfect gift for them? From art pieces such as motorcycle wall art to tool kits, here are some perfect last-minute gift ideas that muscle car owners would really appreciate:

1.   Muscle car-themed apparel

Car-themed shirts, hoodies, and maybe even socks are great gift ideas for car enthusiasts. If you can find some such apparel that feature iconic muscle cars such as the original Dodge Challenger or Charger, then your muscle car enthusiast friend or family member would be head over heels for your gift.

There are also some driving-related essentials such as driving loafers and sunglasses, and your recipient will appreciate them too.

2.   Muscle car portrait

Giving a muscle car owner a portrait of his car to be able to hang it proudly will earn you huge thanks. You can either have a digitally drawn portrait of your friend or loved one’s car, have a cool photograph of it printed, or commission an artist to paint it.

A cool portrait of a muscle car can help spark great conversations so the recipient of your gift would thank you for it.

3.   Car Care Kit

Muscle car owners would love to keep their cars in tip-top shape. That’s why a car care kit would make a great practical gift for a friend who owns a muscle car. If you believe that the recipient of your gift is particular with the brand of car care items that he uses, it is best to spend some effort to check out what kind of brand he trusts.

4.   Muscle car mug

Mugs may sound boring, but a muscle car mug would be greatly appreciated by muscle car fans and owners. A mug may be a simple gift idea, but it is definitely a good one.

5.   Classic Car Lego

A cute gift not only for muscle car owners but to most car enthusiasts would be a Lego of a classic car or two. Building Lego figures can spark nostalgia, making it worthwhile to completely build a classic car made of Lego.

6.   Tool Kits and Chests

Aside from car care kits, a muscle car enthusiast would also appreciate trusty tools, as well as kits and chests to put them on. Tools are very helpful in maintaining a car in peak performance, which chests are a great way to keep tools organized. You may also come across a multitool, a couple of essential tools that can fit in your pockets.

7.   Keychain

A classic gift for car enthusiasts is a keychain. There are many different types of keychains, ranging from simple leather keychains to high-tech keychains that have tags to allow them to easily track their keys.

8.   Car magazines or books

Muscle car owners would definitely love to learn more about cars, so a subscription to car magazines would be well-appreciated. There are also some books that a car-loving bookworm would find to be interesting such as “Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile”.

9.   Other car-themed gifts

There are many other car-themed gifts that car enthusiasts would really appreciate such as coasters that are designed to look like car or car parts such as car mat coasters, or even pen holders that look like an engine or a stack of wheels. There may be other unique car-themed gift ideas out there so be on the lookout and choose one that you believe your recipient would enjoy very much.

Looking for muscle-car themed gift ideas may feel like a challenge, but the 9 gifts above are a great starting point. Owning a muscle-car can lead to tough work, so these gift ideas would surely be appreciated by one.


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