The new car for the 2015 season by the Lotus F1 team has had pictures released showing a number of different areas of the car. The Lotus team will for the first time will run a Mercedes power unit for the 2015 season and are hoping that this will help to catapult them back up the standings after a poor 2014 season but, will not run the new power unit in the first pre-season test. The team has kept its classic black and gold livery for the car, and has kept a number of major sponsors including, the PDSVA sponsorship thanks to keeping Pastor Maldonado at the team. Also, Romain Grosjean will partner the Venezuelan and will be hoping for similar results he achieved in 2013. Romain Grosjean was the main rival to the Red Bull team towards the end of the 2013 season but, struggled to get points in 2014 due to the poor car. The team struggled in the 2014 season as; it was down on power with the Renault Power Unit causing them a number of issues. They also struggled with the new braking system (brake by wire system) and this caused them and counterparts Caterham, to struggle throughout the 2014 season. Romain Grosjean was the only driver for the team to score points and the team achieved 8th in the Constructors Standings. The main difference cosmetically on the car is the new nose at the front that has been adapted to meet the 2015 season’s new rules. Last season, the Lotus E22 had unique nose cone solution as, it had two horns coming out of the main nose block. This was to meet the 2014 regulations and was the most original nose design on the grid. Also, a unique air box design above the drivers head as, there seems to be two extra holes below the main part of the air box. This may be a new radical cooling design for the car and be an advantage against other teams who don’t have this original concept. The Lotus F1 team are hoping for improved reliability, performance and driveability for the E23 and have made further changes to the aerodynamics and suspension of the car to hope to achieve this in 2015. The car seen in the pictures however, will not be the same car that appears in Melbourne in Australia for the first race of the season. F1 teams are very secretive so, are highly unlikely to show the best car they have at the moment. Also, the team will be constantly developing the car throughout the pre-season tests to perfect their car. Finally, Lotus is likely to compete in the 1st pre-season test at Jerez next week and is the third team to release images of their car or launched it to the public. The remaining 6 teams that are secured for the 2015 season will launch their cars next week with many taking part in the first pre-season test at Jerez before the pre-season tests move to Barcelona for the final two tests.

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