People who have been driving for ever will probably have some idea about what wrapping a car involves.  It’s been around a long time. However, the majority of car owners, it seems, don’t choose to wrap their cars.  Here we are going to give you 10 good reasons why wrapping your car is an excellent option.  

In today’s world, we are often faced with a multitude of options to choose from like the huge range of courses on offer or which phone deal is the best or even whether it’s worth joining an Intertops Casino Red or not.  The way in which you cover your car is yet another one of these options.

Car wrapping explained

Vinyl wrap has been around since the 1920’s but it really took off in the 1950’s when the advertising world saw the advantages of using it. It has since become very popular owing to its many positive attributes.

Basically, a car wrap is where layers of vinyl are literally placed over your car’s body, forming a wrap.  The purpose of the wrap is to protect the car from getting scratched and also to alter the appearance of the car. Painting a car will also change the appearance of the car but, unlike the vinyl wraps, removing the paint is not easy. The vinyl wrap can be removed quite easily whenever you want.

Reasons for choosing to wrap your car rather than painting it

There has been a growing interest in car wrapping using vinyl over the last few years.  There are some real benefits to altering the look of your car using this method and they outdo using car paints.  Below are just a handful of reasons why people are making the move to vinyl.

It’s possible to be involved in the design process

It is really up to you how you want your finished car to look.  You can be totally involved in the design, choosing the color, shade, pattern. You can make your car uniquely yours.  

It’s possible to create custom advertising

Car wrapping can be a huge plus for businesses as it allows them to create their own custom advertising.   Company vehicles can become a great form of advertising their businesses for free. The design can be very eye catching and allows companies to reach a larger audience.

Car wraps are generally a cheaper option

Painting a vehicle is not a cheap option and you may need to fork out anywhere between $6-10,000 for top quality work. Most of us are looking for the most affordable option. A car wrap will cost you less.   The most expensive car wrap will likely cost you up to a maximum of $5,000. Definitely the best option.  


A car wrap is incredibly durable and therefore it makes it a very practical option.   A high- quality car wrap can out last the car itself making it a very cost- effective choice.

Easy application

Car wrapping is a quick and easy job.  Painting, on the other hand, can take a long time, anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Vinyl is very flexible and easy to apply and is suitable for all vehicles, any size and any shape and is a quick and easy option.

Car wrapping doesn’t change the value of the vehicle

Car wrapping can actually help to maintain the look of your car, keeping its original appearance, the one you loved so much when you purchased it. Painting and touching up can actually result in reducing the value of your car, whereas the exact opposite is true for vinyl wrapping.  It can actually improve it! 

Improved wear and tear

The wear and tear of a car can really impact the look of your car and reduce its lifespan.  Those few bangs and scrapes can completely alter the look of your car making it far less appealing.  True, car wraps do not protect your car 100 hundred percent but they do provide a ‘second skin’ and therefore do protect it to a greater extent from ugly scrapes and scratches keeping it looking better for longer.

Easy clean

Vinyl wrapped cars are easy to hand clean with soap and water and will come out spick and span. It is the safer option.  However, it is possible to   put wrapped cars through a car wash but it is important to remember that the water pressure be below 1800 psi and that the temperature of the water not exceed 180 degrees.

Car wraps are easy to change

Unlike a paint job, if you are not happy with the result you can change it with very little cost or inconvenience.  The vinyl can be removed easily and then reapplied all over again.  With a paint job, if you are dissatisfied with, say, the color it is a major operation to change it and a huge expense.

Best option for small businesses

Car wraps are a great option for small businesses and should be used as a business tool.   Small businesses usually have small advertising budgets and advertising on vehicles is a huge plus, enabling companies to reach wider audiences at very little cost.

To conclude

We have shown there are many reasons why opting for a car wrap is a good choice, both for individual drivers and for businesses. The price is good and you are getting good value for your money.



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