2015 has been a mixed year so far for racing, for example the long awaited return of Honda to Formula One seems to have been over-hyped, with a grand total of 4 points coming from McLaren’s season so far. We hope they continue to improve and points become a regular achievement for the team but for now, it has been a bit of a non event. The the other aspect everyone couldn’t wait to see, their livery design, had so much potential due to the history of McLaren-Honda and the iconic race wrap designs of yesteryear, but instead we have a ‘stealth grey and red’ livery. Not bad, and it looks better now that it has scored points and is building pace, but we had hoped for so much more. On the flip side Porsche have had a much more successful year, capped so far with a 1-2 finish during this years Le Mans. Unfortunately McLaren don’t make our Top 5 of 2015 but here is who has made the cut:

5 – Racewrap for Volkswagen Motorsport’s Polo WRC Challenger

This striking livery design is our personal favourite from the World Rally Championship this year. The striking striped lines down the side of the car is a nice switch up from the all white of last years car, and the added fade effect from the dark blue to white is a nice touch which only highlights the stripes more.

Of course we cannot move on without commenting on the iconic Red Bull logo. Car wrappers must be inundated with people asking for vinyl printed Red Bull logos for car wraps, as racer boys add them on their wheel arches, and club racers just like the association with winning races!

Some people don’t like the fact it takes centre stage over most other livery details, but we like it. It gives the whole car a look of intent and given the success Red Bull have seen in the other disciplines they compete in, you can’t help but look at this as a serious contender.

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4 – Williams livery design Martini Racing FW37

We couldn’t leave Williams latest challenger off of the list! Ever since Martini became a sponsor of the team their racing fortunes seem to have taken an upturn. Coincidence? Very likely but we like to think the great livery has something to do with it! And if it looks awesome and fast, it is going to be awesome and fast, that is fact right?

Although the livery is Martini inspired and it helps it is a pretty cool brand to have on your car, Williams have proven that not all motorsport wraps have to be fully corporate driven, this is a livery design that wouldn’t look out of place adorning the side of a production car, something like a 911 or a VW Beetle.

Although we would have liked to have seen a little more done with the sidepods and the blank, open white spaces, we are still big fans of the design as a whole. The dark wings help break up the overall design but the Martini stripe across the engine cover down to the front wing is the best bit of it.

3 – Race car wrap Tanner Foust’s 2015 Rockstar Energy Varx Beetle

Tanner Foust is a badass, whatever he tries has hand at he seems to be great at, whether it is drifting, rallycross or presenting Top Gear USA. For that reason alone, his car needs to be equally as badass. Rockstar have been a long term sponsor of Tanner’s and the yellow colour scheme they bring to the cars is a welcome refreshment from the usual blacks, blues and silvers most cars seem to display in varying amounts.

The rockstar logo works well as a design cue for stripes to be added around it or it can slice through two colours itself. The meshed and triangular grey pattern on the rear and bonnet of the car wrap is cool on its own, but adding the contrasting yellow to the main body of the Beetle makes this livery design all the more eye catching.

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2 – Porsche’s Livery design 2015 919 Le Mans Challenger

There was a debate over which race wrap should take the top spot and this narrowly missed out. Porsche had a great race at Le Mans to say the least! The only person to top their feelings must be Nico Hulkenberg-part of the winning Porsche team and also a winner while an active F1 driver in his Rookie Le Mans year. Not bad going eh? What we like most of all about the Porsche livery is the simplicity of the design idea and the fact that the three cars ran in different colours. Having the brand name running over the car is such a simple idea but it made for an interesting design. It has taken a design cue from previous Porsche Le Mans racers and for similar reasons to the Williams design, it makes it on our list.

1 – Car wrapping Red Bull Racing’s ‘Dazzle’ Livery

In at Number One for our Top 5 Racing Liveries is another Red Bull. Oddly though, it is the testing livery the team ran during the F1 off season, their ‘Dazzle’ livery.

Oh how we wish they had kept this for the season. Every year they run the same layout, possibly tweak the colours ever so slightly, but it is essentially identical.

The ‘Dazzle’ livery however, was something different and something that the internet as a whole loved. We have seen a similar livery design on their helicopter before but it looked better flying around a race track on a F1 car.

The urban camo aspects distract the eye and keep you looking at it for longer. That is a treat for the sponsors, more interest in the car and they are displayed clearly on the sidepods, wings and nose cone.

We can only hope that this car wrap makes an appearance again next year or on another car in another discipline as it rocks and it would be awesome to see it win races and be a part of race long battles. For now though it is only going to be on top in our Top 5 list of Racing Livery Designs.


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