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The BTCC has seen many great, easily recognisable livery designs come and go, from the Holiday Inn SEATs, the Halfords Honda’s and the Omega Volvo’s but the team-sponsor relationship we believe has worked most effectively is the work of a current team, Airwaves Racing & the Airwaves race livery design. The Motorbase Performance team saw Airwaves return as the title sponsor in 2013 onwards. Motorbase activate their sponsorship much better than a lot of teams, with the airwaves race livery design based solely around the colours of the Airwaves chewing gum product. As a result, it has given the team a striking end product that is easily recognisable and is associated with their sponsor products instantly. The colours are used well to break up the car into different areas to place sponsors but as a whole the livery design is very simple. This works really well when promoting a sponsor as there aren’t any lines or colours around the sponsor to detract from it, causing it to blend in and get skipped over.
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It is unique to other cars on the grid too and that is what gets it noticed. If you look at the ‘Exocet Racing’ car, or even one of the more frequent front running cars such as the ‘MG KX Clubcard Fuel Save’ car their livery designs aren’t bright and they don’t have an interesting or eye catching design running over them. The best liveries are the ones that use the lines of the car to create a bold, striking design, or they use a good mix of colours. The Motorbase Performance car is featured in the Airwaves TV adverts too which, not only gives the team exposure to an audience that may not watch racing, it helps strengthen the association with their sponsor and adds value to them, again great activation. However away from the airways race livery design and the TV adverts the thing that Motorbase Performance and Airwaves do particularly well is the online interaction. They both not only tweet and interact with fans but they link to each other which helps them reach a wider audience and increase the value of the brands involved. In terms of going forward and securing new sponsors this is an invaluable exercise from the team because if they can prove that the ROI for potential sponsors is high due to interaction, exposure and events. A sponsor is much more likely to go with Motorbase Performance rather than a rival team, due to the creativity of the sponsorship activation and the increased exposure from the team off track, as well as on it.
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