The 2014 season has been spectacular. But where is the present and future of Formula One going?

We have seen mistakes from the drivers as they adjust to the increased torque output and the lower downforce levels which has made the racing as a whole, much closer and more unpredictable. If a driver slides the car out of a corner, which is more common this season, the tyres can be ruined in a split second by that one slight mistake, and they then have to change strategies for the race. It has made Formula One much more dynamic in our opinion and has really brought out the racers on the grid rather than those that can just drive and manage tyres, or those that had the best car and could drive it well when in clean air. Drivers now really battle and fight for position, Perez and Button put on a great show in Italy as they battled it out for a number of laps. Hamilton and Rosberg in Bahrain was intense, Spain was again very close and tense, of course it came to a head in Belgium but that was to be expected. The two big winners from all of this have been Bottas and Ricciardo who have shown their talent and capitalised on the few mistakes made by the Mercedes duo.

That was exactly what the sport needed to freshen it up. The V8 era with no traction control or ABS began well with a mix up in the order and different winners as the teams adjusted, but it began to become a bit old hat as everyone got the measure of the tyres and the rules. In the last few years everyone launched off towards Turn 1 whoever was leading (usually Vettel), tore off into the lead and the order of the race didn’t change from that point. It just became dull for fans, it got to the point where when filling in our Formula One predictor we just left Vettel in first place, pole position and fastest lap. This year the racing has been much better but we again have people complaining that Mercedes are almost guaranteed to win, concocting ridiculous conspiracy theories (we may have been a small part of that but we were just offering other theories, not claiming to be right). Once you get past all of these silly stories doing the rounds you are left with a great season. A new era of talent are beginning to emerge as they take the fight to some of the veterans of the sport and there hasn’t really been a dull race yet in our opinion. And although Mercedes are dominant, echoing the Red Bull years, we do at least have at least two drivers in contention for victory at each circuit ain Rosberg and Hamilton. They couldn’t be more evenly matched it seems if they tried and if they do slip up everyone else has managed to pounce thus far. The momentum keeps on changing between the two and right now it looks like it is hotting up for a photo finish to the season so we hope we can just enjoy the remaining races without any conspiracy theories, and let the action and rivalry exist solely on the track. It is a shame for the sport to hear accusations being made when the racing is great and if everyone purely focuses on that the sport should hopefully see a rise in interest and popularity. Rather than taking a step forward with this change in regulations only to knock it down again, let’s leave F1 be for the rest of the season and just enjoy the show. This new era of F1 looks to have a very exciting, popular future ahead of it if we can just stop restraining it.


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