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Generating leads is an essential part of any service based business and automotive restyling businesses are no different. 3Dom Wraps are a market leader in lead generation for the car wrapping industry and have created a successful brand off the back of it, but we want to share some of this knowledge with our Wrap Shop subscribers. So where should you start?

Your Car Wrapping Website

Whether you have a car wrap business, you’re a detailer, alloy repair specialist or a remapper, your website is key to generating leads and bringing in sales from your local area. Being a location based business is a huge advantage for you and your sales team, allowing you to be targeted to those that are likely to buy from you. What better way to do that than with your service specific website?

How to build an automotive restyling website?

  1. Choose your content management system (CMS). This is a platform that will host your web content, pages, images and also allow you to edit the content that you have created. There are many choices when it comes to a CMS, with pros and cons for each, but when it comes to building a simple, effective local automotive services website, you can’t go too wrong with WordPress. Ensure you speak with a professional web developer before making this decision or speak with the 3Dom Wraps team to see how we can help build your car wrap website.
  2. Be mobile responsive. It is now not acceptable to launch a website, or to even have a website, that is not mobile responsive. For example 70% of our own traffic comes from mobile devices. If you are not serving a responsive site then you are not maximising the potential you have to sell your services online.
  3. Be optimised. Build right, build once. This should always be remembered when getting a quote from a web developer. Don’t just take the cheapest price, the same way you wouldn’t for your own services, work with the developer who also understands how your website can grow into sales. If you are quoted less than £1500 for a website, you may well end up spending more down the line to make it more effective.
  4. Get your website hosted. Hosting can be complicated and as will most things, you should seek professional advice before making your decision or you could find yourself with an offline website that you are unable to use to generate those all important car wrapping leads. Speak with our partners Host Crucial to see how they can help your up time.
  5. Sell your services. Show off those car wraps, the gloss in your paint correction projects and the finish on the alloys you have repaired. Images sell in the automotive customisation industry and we guarantee that if you do good work and show it off on your site, you will make sales to local customer.
  6. Get that quote request! This sounds simple but we often see professional restylers with websites that are not encouraging a customer to submit a lead and quote request. Make it clear you’re there to help and there to get them exactly what they need, as soon as possible.

Social Media

There are very few small businesses that are not on at least one form of social media, such is the understanding of the benefits and the direct access to potential customers. Making the most of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has changed considerably, even over the past 3 or 4 years, where paid advertising is promoted, and therefore seen, far more than an un-promoted post. Even those who have earned large follower numbers are often limited in the access they have to them, unless they stump up some funds for each post. There are ways of cutting through this though and getting more attention without the additional cost:

  1. Be a bit different – You will have seen others in your car care or restyling industry that seem to do better on social media or post things that you feel you would be unable to do, but never be discouraged by this and simply take your own route and create your own style and story. They’re posts may follow a particular narrative or make use of a particular service sectors that they specialise in, for example a vehicle detailer regularly getting healthy social exposure over his reflection posts after paint corrections processes, but what other aspects of detailing has he not focused on that may be of even more interest to your audience? How about not only showing off the work that you do, but giving away maintenance tips that detailing enthusiasts can learn and implement on their own cars? At the end of the day, your audience need to be interested, amazed or excited by what you post as a business in order to engage, share and then eventually buy into what it is you sell.
  2. Give away knowledge – not only do people love a freebie, they also love to learn something new that they can use, especially if it can add value to their lives or jobs. Now the first thing service providers will think is ‘Why should I tell them how I do my job? Then they don’t need me’ which is a very valid question. In reality, this is not something that you should be concerned with, firstly because giving away free knowledge makes you influential and means people listen to you. Secondly, be sensible about it and give away snippets of information that will in no doubt help people, but will also leave them wanting more or even better, leave them thinking ‘Wow these guys know what they are doing, I’ll work with them.’ In any market, small businesses are having to give away small pieces of work or information in order to capture new leads or to win that new client, this is simply the same thing but on a wider scale.

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