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3Dom Wraps originally launched in 2015 as a lead generation business for the automotive aftermarket industry, primarily car wrapping and offering simple tools to our professional partners to allow them to quote and book directly through our platform. The past two years have seen 3Dom Wraps develop into an industry leader in aftermarket services, generating significant leads for the market and investing heavily in cloud based tools to support professionals and help them grow online. We are now proud to announce the official launch of our new professional product Wrap Shop, bringing leads, quoting and booking and extensive small business tools to skilled automotive professionals around the world as a market first Automotive Saas (software as a service) product. Our journey has been a long one, but one that has seen us generate big industry data that has enabled us to build tools that offer significant value to not only our member partners but also to industry manufacturers to support their own development in areas that benefit the automotive customisation industry around the world. We re excited to continue our development and expand our product offering to ensure business growth and ROI to every subscriber, whilst keeping our costs at an affordable level for all professionals to benefit from the tools we offer. Keep an eye out for future update notifications and important industry news coming from 3Dom Wraps and Wrap Shop.

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