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For many people, driving is an awesome, fun thing to do. Driving gives you independence and the freedom to go anywhere in the world.

And if you’re the sort of person who can’t stand being stuck in an office from 9am till 5pm, there are plenty of jobs that require driving.

But what about specifically becoming a driving instructor?

That might be an occupation that hasn’t sprung to mind but, as it turns out, there are a bunch of reasons to get behind the wheel and teach others to drive.

  1. You get to talk about cars and driving

As a car-lover, you probably always love talking about everything from vehicle types to road conditions.

When you teach people to drive, you get to discuss these kinds of things all the time. In fact, knowledge is power and learners need to tap into your expertise.

  1. You can work on your terms

If you sign up to a driving school, instructors are usually able to set their own working hours, as well as the prices they’d like to set and the areas they’re prepared to cover.

You’re in control. You can take on a number of students and deliver regular lessons, or block out weeks at a time for intensive driving courses. Basically, you can work as much or as little as you like.

  1. You get to deal with real people

There’s something to be said for not spending your life in front of a screen. Maybe you’ve always fancied teaching in some aspect?

Regardless, as an instructor, you’ll get a lot of job satisfaction out of teaching someone to drive, seeing him or her pass their test and changing their life.

  1. You get to see real situations on the road

Such is life, you tend to come across something new every time you drive. Driving offers extremely varied conditions.

From fallen trees to traffic cones, burst tyres to broken traffic lights, driving a car is always interesting. It certainly beats sitting in an office.

  1. There’s no risk of redundancy

Is there such a thing as a safe job these days? Well, if you become a driving instructor, there’s pretty much zero risk of losing your job.

Being able to teach people to drive is a lifelong skill and the great thing is, the population is continually growing and there will always be learners who want to pass their test.

In the extremely unlikely event that the driving school you’re associated with goes bust, then you can just join another or set up your own.

  1. Your background doesn’t matter

You don’t need to possess a previous level of driving experience and knowledge to become a driving instructor.

You’ll need to be tested and certified by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) before you can teach anyone to drive, but there’s no reason why you can’t brush up on your skills and become full qualified.

All that stands in your way are 3 tests, which cost a total of £303. Pass those and you’re good to go.



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