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Starting a business that is just the same (or perceived to be just the same) as many others that are already well established is not something that a clever entrepreneur is going to want to do. Of course, there might easily be similar elements, but there must also be something – or perhaps many things – that make you stand out, get noticed, and make sales. Here are some ideas to give yourself that extra boost that is needed to get ahead.

Be Indispensable

If you can make yourself indispensable to the people you want to sell to, you will find that you sell a lot more. You will be the one that they come to because they know that you are an expert in your field, for example, or that you always have the right advice or equipment. Whatever they need (depending on what it is you sell) if you have it each and every time they need it, you will soon become their ‘go to’ store, whether that’s in a physical location or online.

If you want to do this by becoming an expert, then you can do in a number of different ways:

Anything you can do that shows you know exactly what you are talking about will bring you a lot more business, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Be Part Of The Community

If you are able to become part of the community in which your store or business is based (that might be a physical location, or if you work online then it could be the area in which you live) then you will definitely stand out, and people will come to you because they feel they know you.

Look out for community events such as talks and workshops, litter picking, bake sales, garage sales, or anything else that might be happening, and see if you can help out. Run your own talks. You might even want to sponsor a local sports team and help them to achieve more by making sure they have somewhere to practice, the right equipment, and the right uniforms.

This can cost a lot of money, so if you are interested in going down this route make sure you and your business can afford it. Work out whether it is worth taking out a loan, for example – will this investment pay back the loan, the interest, and more? If you feel that this is the right direction to go in and your business plan holds up to it, then it can be well worth it, but make sure you deal with any Equifax disputes first, or you might not be able to obtain the money when you need it.

Remember Your Customer Service

Customer service is the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to running a business, but some business owners and their employees quickly forget this; don’t be one of them. Ensuring that your customer service is exemplary should be at the forefront of any training or ideas that you have or give. Things will go wrong, and mistakes will be made. It’s an inevitable part of business (and life) because no one is perfect no matter what systems you might have in place.

It’s how you deal with those errors, and how you help the customers who have been affected that will make the difference. If good can come from bad, and if you learn lessons from your mistakes, then you will be doing well.

Keep Learning

Just because you are an expert in something now, that doesn’t mean it will always be the case – technology changes, new ideas come into play, and if you don’t make a conscious effort to keep learning, you might be left behind. Continue to learn as much as you can about your industry, and you will actually be the one out in front, and your competitors will be struggling to keep up.

Sign up to industry newsletters and read publications that are not only about your particular sector but that are about sectors that might have an impact of yours too. Go online and read plenty of blogs, and search through social media to see what people are saying about your business, your competitors, and the world beyond. Take note of new technology and determine whether or not it is going to help you – if it will, become an early adopter.

The more you know, the more you can give to your business and your customers, plus, if you are truly passionate about your sector, it won’t be an arduous task.


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