Lots of car owners want to spruce up the look of their vehicles without giving it a complete makeover and spending much money. And it’s not a secret that one of the most popular ways to experiments with the look of your old car is to use car wraps which come in a variety of colors. Still, today car wraps can be used not only for personal vehicles, but also for commercial business purposes. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen those colorful branded wraps on the vehicles in your neighborhood. More and more business owners opt for car wrapping as a cost-efficient and unique form of outdoor advertising. If you choose a  vehicle wrap wisely, chances are you’ll manage to boost your brand awareness and get more attention from your potential customers. But what factors, advertisement principles, and design concepts should you consider to take that wise pick? Check out some useful tips below to learn more.  

Keep Text to a Minimum 

Undoubtedly, you want to give your customers as much information about your business and services provided as possible. Still, as with any type of out-of-home advertising, car wrapping should comply with several important design principles to work effectively. It should elicit interest and garner attention, not deter people with the visual cacophony. The best way to ensure your car wrap is commercially successful is to steer clear of using too much text on your car. Include only essential details, such as your company name, contact detail, and a brief (just a couple words) description of services offered. Make sure to include this information on the side panel of your vehicle so that your customers have a chance to read it even when your car is moving at high speed.     

Use Your Brand Colors 

It’s very important that your selected car wrap showcase your brand’s individuality and help increase the degree of consumer recognition of your products. So, when you finally get around to choosing your vehicle wrap colors, make sure to opt for those congruent with your brand colors. Selecting a color scheme that would noticeably deviate from your brand colors would lead your customers astray and thus get in the way of building your brand’s strong identity. So, if the primary colors of your company are black and yellow, it would be reasonable to pick the black and yellow colors of your car wrap. You can experiment with your brand colors using a great color palette generator – Create.vista.com. Creating the desired design with a dedicated tool will help you choose the color scheme that is in line with your brand.    

Consider Wrapping Windows 

If you’re looking for a less trivial way to increase your business visibility, you may choose to wrap the windows of your vehicle as well! Lots of successful advertising campaigns have proved that vehicle wraps can work well on the side and rear windows. Applying the wrap to your car windows can help finesse the look of your vehicle, make it more cohesive and complete. That said, you should be careful not to go overboard with this method. If you include too many elements or opt for inappropriate color, this may create a cluttered and awkward look, which won’t contribute to your advertising campaign success. But in general, wraps covering your windows can benefit your business, provided they don’t hinder visibility. They can hook more viewers’ attention and keep potential robbers away from your vehicles by concealing items stored in it.  

Try Illusions Wraps

Most often than not, people opt for custom car wrapping for vanity purposes. But when it comes to promoting your business, there’s no such thing as vanity, since your main goal here is to stand out in a highly competitive market. One of the most popular and visually effective types of custom car wrapping is illusion wraps. You can design a unique wrap which will help promote your business image and grab more coveted attention. Thus, if your company specializes in food delivery services, you may want to create a fun and eye-catching illusion of an open grocery bag exposing fresh produce or delicacies people can get delivered with your help. If you own an auto repair shop, you can use a car wrap that will make your vehicle the appearance of one that has just gotten into a fender bender. Attract more attention to the falsely damaged area by including a call to action like ‘Had a bad day? Leave your car repairs to us!’ or something like that.     

Now that you know how to increase awareness of your brand and win over more potential customers with the help of effective car wraps, it’s about time you went and explored a variety of options and picked the one that would best serve your business needs.  


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