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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sedans and trucks are built differently. Everything from towing capacity and torque to utility/use and general maintenance widely differs. But whether you own a sedan or truck (or both), understanding proper preventive care and maintenance techniques will help extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Here are several areas of which you should be aware regarding vehicle maintenance.

Frequency of Maintenance

Trucks are built to last, and compared to a sedan, they often don’t require the same frequency of maintenance. In fact, many reports indicate trucks are cheaper to maintain than cars. The average cost of truck maintenance over the span of one year is as low as $398 for a mid-sized, standard model truck like the Toyota Tacoma. On the flip side, the most economical sedans, such as the Kia Sedona or Honda Odyssey, run well over $450 to maintain annually. Meantime, a sedan requires service more frequently, as oil changes are typically needed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, whereas you can wait up to 7,500 miles with most trucks. The Cooper mud terrain tires on your truck are intended to pull more weight. But smaller sedan tires tend to wear out more quickly, which means drivers must change them out more frequently. Although higher-end trucks cost more to maintain, the same can also be said for sedans. Before deciding on which to invest, utilizing tools like pricing system calculators can provide you a great deal of information about the actual cost of ownership. The tool will help you determine whether a sedan or truck is the superior choice, based on affordability and desired use.


The cost of replacing parts on a sedan or truck should also be considered before choosing which vehicle option is right for you. In certain instances, after-market parts allow vehicle owners to save a great deal of money when replacing said parts on their vehicle. In fact, one of the top benefits of owning a pickup is the fact that most manufacturers sell equivalent aftermarket parts. But this isn’t necessarily or at all the case with sedans. Particularly with imports like BMW, Audi and other higher-end vehicles, owners are often required to service their car with the dealership and must have OEM parts installed in their car. Although not all sedans require the use of OEM parts, the availability of aftermarket parts for trucks — and the fact that they’re readily available online — makes it easy and affordable for owners to maintain their truck when upgrading or replacing parts.

Suspension, Torque and Drive

When deciding between a sedan or truck, consumers should consider overall driveability and on-road performance. Regarding the vehicle’s suspension, pickup trucks offer higher ground clearance. They also have increased suspension to minimize bounce, and all-wheel driving is more comfortable and safer when driving on and off-road. Truck and sedan owners can also modify engine torque. So, when determining speed and power, horsepower is a more reliable figure at which to look. Sedans typically have a horsepower range that falls below 200 for V4 engines and between 250-300 for V6 engines. Meantime, a pickup truck with a V8 engine is nearly 1.5 times as robust, with over 400 horsepower below the hood. For those who want great operation and control, as well as seamless control behind the wheel, the power and ground clearance a pickup truck offers exceed that of most sedans in today’s marketplace.

Sedans Require More Preventive Maintenance

The simple wear and tear of driving every day will put stress on your vehicle. But performing or relying on the experts for your preventive maintenance needs regularly will keep your sedan or truck in the best operating condition. Still, many sedans seem to require costlier repairs than pickup trucks. In fact, manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac are among the most expensive to maintain over their lifetime. The reason for this is many sedans require OEM parts or for owners to visit the dealership for routine maintenance like an oil change.

The Choice is Yours

Both trucks and sedans offer numerous, untold benefits to their owners. For some, a sedan is more practical, easier to commute in and easier to drive for those with less experience behind the wheel. Truck owners want power, performance, towing and a work vehicle that can handle the toughest of jobs. Regardless of which vehicle choice you make, understanding how to maintain both trucks and sedans, the importance of preventive maintenance and the overall performance features which set these vehicles apart is the starting point for helping you choose the right vehicle for your daily needs.

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