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Bring some stealth styling to your brake lights to go with your window tinting and headlight tinting

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Brake Light Tinting Services

This is quite a rare customisation option for those outside of the wider car customisation community but the effect can be quite significant, although it millet be done legally to pass an MOT and prevent a roadside ticket. The effect of a brake light tint is the contribution of the darkening of the overall appearance of a vehicle. A popular styling option is to go stealth, done in various ways through de-chrome, car wrapping and window tinting as a way of bringing a more aggressive look to the car.

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Headlight Tinting

Usually both sets of lights are tinted together, with headlight tinting an option that has similar styling benefits and both the front and the back of the car customised in this way, the whole vehicle will get a new appearance.

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Window Tinting

Window tinting is possibly the most popular automotive customisation service there is, with thousands of vehicles tinted each year for a range of reasons from security and heat protection to styling. Get a quote from your local installers.

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Brake Light Tinting Guides and Resources

We love car customisation and we love the services that are available to transform your cars into works of art, completely unique to you and your style. We regularly create content around the industry and provide great tips for those looking to get involved in the DIY side of car customisation. Check out our latest posts below and sign up to our newsletter for great content, offers and deals.

Need to Know More About tail light tinting?

There are a few questions around break light tints, mostly around the law, insurance and passing an MOT. Take a look at our FAQs below and hopefully these answer some or all of your queries. Be sure to discuss anything else with your tinter when requesting a quote through 3Dom Wraps.

Yes you can. The law is quite strict around this sort of customisation with at least 50% of the existing light needing to be visible through a tint. It is always best to seek professional advice from your chosen window tinting specialist, available through the 3Dom Wraps directory.

These will often last years and many professional window tinters will provide at least 12 months warranty with their work and materials. Be sure to check with the service provider.

Most tinting films will naturally provide some protection against UV, wear and tear and in some cases stone chips. This may prevent the need for new expensive casings or even headlight restoration services being needed in the near future.

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