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Headlight glass yellow and dull? Bring back the clarity

Over time, water, UV rays and general wear and tear can reduce the clarity of your headlight glass that effects the appearance of your car and reduces the effectiveness of the lights themselves. Luckily this can be solved without an expensive replacement by carrying out affordable restoration techniques. You can purchase DIY headlight restoration kits from our online store or you can see below and request a quote from a local detailer to restore your lights.

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How does headlight restoration work?

The headlight restoration process is fairly simple, involving removing layers of the damaged surface with low grade sanding techniques. It’s not expensive but has a big impact on the the look and performance of your headlights.

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Cleaning & Contaminant Removal

Prior to the restoration process taking place, the headlight will be cleaned and any contaminants will be removed to ensure the best finish can be achieved on your headlights or brake lights. Contaminants will include residue from cleaning products over time, waxes and sealants and the general build up of dirt from bugs and dust to tree sap and water contaminants. This is only the start of the headlight restoration process and although the clarity may already start to improve at this point, it is unlikely a clean is all that is needed.

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Headlight Sanding

This requires a little more care, especially when being carried out with the light casing still fitted to the car. Be careful and use tape to protect the paintwork of the vehicle where possible, you will not want to get anywhere near the paint when sanding. The sanding process itself is not too aggressive and is simply to remove thin layers of the surface to cut it back to the clearer material below.

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With the dirt, grime and overall damage like staining and scratches removed, it is time to restore the surface quality of the headlight material. The polishing process will restore the finish and bring the full clarity back to the surface itself. At this point you will see the full results of the light restoration and be ready to get the finishing treatment applied.

1 stage correction machine polish
wax sealant enhancement detail

Headlight Protection Treatment

The final process of the headlight restoration is applying the finishing treatment. This will protect the casing from deteriorating too quickly in the future and help to seal the surface again ready to battle the elements again. Now the restoration is complete, your will notice improved appearance along with improved performance of your headlights without the dull casing blocking the light from hitting the road.

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