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An ultimate detail is often something quite special and carried out by the worlds best vehicle detailers on the worlds best cars, not your average car wash, in fact not your average car detail. With a service like this, usually days are are needed and sometimes weeks, with a price tag to match. Every aspect of the car is taken into consideration including the paintwork, interior and engine bay, with the skill and experience of the detailer being used vital throughout this type of service.

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What is a very special Ultimate Detail?

This is not something that is for the average car. This is for the worlds best, worlds most expensive cars, show cars and collectors items. Every aspect is assessed and considered for treatment, both for restoration and protection, inside and outside of the car. The transformation can be unbelievable and often better than the OEM.

Shampoo/Snow Foam

The usual starting point for a car detail is a pH neutral shampoo, used to loosen and lift dirt off of the surface of the paint, the surface may then be cleaned with a microfibre mit/cloth before being dried.

Clay Bar

Using a clay bar decontaminates the paintwork and brings back a smooth and reflective finish, ready to be machine polished, waxed and sealed.

Multistage Paint Correction

This is a stepped process, involving machine polishing and in some cases wet sanding to get perfection from the paintwork. Up to 95% correction can be achieved.

Alloys & Tyres

Alloys are removed from the vehicle before be decontaminated and deep cleaned, often involving special tools and brushes. Protection treatments will be applied and the tyres dressed to restore a deep black.

Exclusive Wax/Sealant

The worlds leading waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings will be used to get the absolute best finish and on going protection for your vehicle, taking into consideration how your car is used and cared for.

Window Sealant

Windows will be sealed and protected with top of the range products, leaving a high shine and providing long term water repelling properties.

3/4 stage full paint correction

This level of paint correction will almost certainly leave your paint in a perfect condition, often better than the OEM paintwork. The skill level required is extremely high, with specialist paint measurement equipment becoming an essential tool to ensure paint thickness is not reduced too much. Wet sanding may also be part of the process depending on the quality of the paint, again high skill is required for this part of the process.

1 stage correction machine polish
wax sealant enhancement detail

Multiple layers of Wax/Sealants/Glaze

The worlds best waxes and sealants will be used at this stage, with detailers requiring an accreditation in order to apply such substances. This means your vehicle will not only have the most skilled detailers working on it but also the best possible products there to restore and protect it. The application process with follow a strict set of instructions based on the training given by the product manufacturer.

By applying multiple layers of these products, the protection will be long lasting and will provide an extremely hard surface.

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Full Interior Detail

This will be like no other internal detail or clean that any car can receive. Special cleaning products and technology will be used to remove all dirt and contaminants from fabrics, leathers and plastic surfaces. Internal parts may be removed to get a deeper clean and gain access to difficult to reach areas, before being put back together and treated with top of the range fabric and surface protection products.

Interior detail

Engine Bay Detail

Keeping your engine bay clean does have some benefits but only certain types of vehicles will benefit from this level of engine bay detail. Super cars and hyper cars need care and attention that is not seen on your average vehicle. These cars need to hold their value with every part requiring protection to prevent damage and that includes under the bonnet. Your engine will receive as much treatment and restoration service as a car gets from your average vehicle detail.

Get a full understanding of car detailing

As you are surely now aware, car detailing is an enormous collection of services that skilled detailers train for years to master, while working on some of the worlds best cars. We only scratch the surface of the skills available out there, but we try to give great insight into how your car can come back looking better than new through enhancement detailing.

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