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3Dom Wraps welcomes Britemax & their extensive range of detailing products as our first brand in the new detailing products range on the store.

They have a stunning collection of detailing products across various categories, including advanced glazes, sealants and waxes with powerful cleaners and shampoos to bring your vehicle back up to scratch. Making use of the Britemax products will provide you with all you need to restore, repair and protect your cars paintwork, trim, wheels and even tires.

Their degreaser, metal polish, rubber, vinyl and leather conditioners and pH neutral cleaner hit the spot and have become vital additions to any car care package, backed up by a strong brand and community.

With the brand and products going though various updates in recent years, it is now seen as a market leader and has become extremely popular with vehicle enthusiasts and and professional car detailers alike.

Award wining detailing products from Britemax, at afford prices. 

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