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Tyre Cleaner Gel – Sleek Look


OCD finish Clarity is a premium shampoo with a unique blend of ingredients and amazing scent.

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Our car tyres are surprisingly important to the overall finish of a clean car, forgetting to clean your tyres or finish them off with a tyre treatment can soon make your car look less detailed, no matter how much work you have put into the bodywork, wheels and trim. Getting your tyres clean is the easy part. Bringing back the deep black with a wet look finish is not so easy unless you have a product like Sleek Tyre Gel from OCD Finish. One of the simplest products they manufacture in both application and maintenance, the tyre cleaner gel will leave your tyres looking brand new, making in the perfect car finishing product. Once your tyres and wheels are spotlessly clean, apply a small amount of the tyre cleaner gel to an applicator pad and and wipe around the tyre wall, ensuring to get coverage across the whole face.

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