Ferrari Vinyl Car Wraps

Some incredible examples of the Cavallino Rampante

White Ferrari F430 Gloss Vehicle Wraps

If you own a Ferrari, you want it to look and perform flawlessly. I don’t think any of could disagree that this gloss white car wrap looks flawless on this F430. As we have seen with other gloss colours, it isn’t easy to see that this is a wrap, but that is what vinyl wrapping is all about right?

Work by SS Customs

Ferrari 458 Matte Car Wrapping

Mean machine comes to mind here, like a shark out of water, this matte black car wrapping example is best served on a 458 in our opinion. Matte black is a love it or hate it opinion slitter that’s for sure, but car wraps in general can divide opinion and that’s what makes it so cool.

Orange Ferrari FF Matte Chrome Vinyl Car Wrap

Boom. This is one hell of a material, Matte chrome rarely fails to make a statement and once you vinyl wrap in orange, you are out to make a point. The soft lighting and reflection looks great against the flat blue of the background building.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Satin Car Wrapping

Satin car wraps have to be the sleekest around and this F12 doesn’t get much sleeker does it? The lighting shows off perfectly how the satin finish still has some reflection and highlight tones, unlike a matte finish which almost absorbs all the light. Great example of a top vinyl wrap by Pro Vinyl.

Black Ferrari F40 Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrapping

Come on now, is that even legal? A full body Carbon Fibre car wrap on an F40? Ok so most will think this is illegal to not be red, but look at it. It’s become something from a sci fi movie despite being a classic super car. It took some guts to wrap this, but the owner can remove it at anytime and it won’t have come with a supercar price tag. If you are thinking of car wrapping in Carbon Fibre, just consider the fact you may not be wrapping an F40.

Bronze Ferrari 458, Chrome Car Wrap

Yiannimize, self confessed wrappers to the stars, are no strangers to a Ferrari wrap. We think this is actually the owners car and he went bold with this Bronze chrome wrap for his 458. It’s a tough one to love or hate, maybe wouldn’t be our pick for a vinyl wrap but it sure will stand out.

Ferrari 458 Gloss Glitter Car Wrapping

Ok now this is something a bit different. We can’t decide if this car wrap is tacky or spot on? We haven’t seen much glitter since we had some paper and a pot of glue at school, and this isn’t far off that. If you have a 458, who are we to say this was a bad idea. Vinyl wrapping is all about exploring the boundaries without the worry of ruining the car. It’s safe to say, the Ferrari is safe and sound under this scary wrap.

Work by Elite Wrap

Gold Ferrari 458 Brushed Vinyl Wrapping

Now you’re talking. Do we even need to say much about this incredible car wrap on this 458? We think not. We love car wrapping!

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Ferrari reflects luxury, speed and good taste. Il Cavallino Rampante is not only known by its incredible well-designed chassis, but it has also pushed the boundaries of engineering with new incredible models since 1923. The owners of these beautiful Italian machines are always demanding better and more customisable options for their vehicles and are always aware of the need to protect them with the latest vinyl technology. At 3Dom Wraps we only recommend the best car wrapping installers for the Ferrari model you own to get the most satisfactory result. Feel free to try our car wrapping calculator to get a good estimation of the perfect wrap for your Ferrari.

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