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Re-imagining your Ford with a look-changing vinyl wrap

Yellow Ford Focus RS Gloss Car Wrap

Ye ok so we are not going to show loads of GT40’s, most of us are normal car drivers right? Well even this is top of the line and when you wrap it yellow, you have one hell of a statement on your hands. This is an example of why car wrapping is so amazing, next month this owner may realise he stands out a little too much and go for something else. That’s if he has any money left after filling it up.

Work by Infinity Wraps

Matte Ford Focus RS

This is more like it, same RS as above, but we think we suit this one much more. Vinyl wrapping in matte black is a risk as we know, some will not like it, some will love it. The way the lighting and reflections are killed and dispersed across the body panels, everything becomes so smooth. It looks good enough to stroke.

Ford Focus ST Matte Metallic Vinyl Wrap

It’s a funny looking thing, made nicer by the fact it has a wicked matte metallic finish in a just cool electric blue. The sunset lighting with the blue metallic is working for us, imagine this finish and quality car wrap on your car. Unless you have a Focus ST and you can just look here.

Work by Re-styleit

Black Ford Focus RS Satin Car Wrap

Hard to pick between this and the matte black from above. We can clearly see how the satin and matte differ over these two awesome RS examples. The satin does a little more across the surface of those panels, but the effect of the matte car wrap offers more of a noticeable statement.

Work by Reforma

Ford Focus ST Carbon Fibre Vinyl Bonnet Wrap

We understand panel wrapping and how done in the right way it can look the nuts. But for a change we have an example we are not a fan of. Car wrapping can get a bad name from this sort of wrap. Don’t get us wrong, the quality of the wrap looks top notch and the wrapper can’t help the customers taste.

Work by Ambient Graphics

Ford Matte Black Vinyl Wrap

Well in the UK we don’t see these very often, if at all. This pick up is a true Aussie hero and they love them. The owner of this clearly wanted everyone to know he means business with this matte black car wrap.

Work by Pro Vinyl

Ford Car Wrapping

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Ford is one of the most beloved American manufacturers in the world. Its efficiency and range of models have captured millions across the 5 continents. With such an active portfolio of models, Ford customization options has had to evolve rapidly to catch the same pace. Try out our wrap price calculator and bring your wrapping idea to life for less than you would imagine.

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23222 - Vinyl Wrapping - FORD - MUSTANG

Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a FORD MUSTANG – Bumper Wrap from £627.08 to £903.00

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – 15:20

23209 - Vinyl Wrapping - FORD - MUSTANG

Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a FORD MUSTANG – Full Wrap from £2833.33 to £4080.00

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – 00:06

23191 - Vinyl Wrapping - FORD - C-MAX

Latest price for Vinyl Wrapping on a FORD C-MAX – Full Wrap from £3640.00 to £5241.60

Sunday, June 2, 2019 – 12:54

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22220 - Window Tinting - FORD - MONDEO

Latest price for Window Tinting on a FORD MONDEO – All Rear from £131.67 to £189.60

Saturday, April 6, 2019 – 17:44

22760 - Window Tinting - FORD - FOCUS

Latest price for Window Tinting on a FORD FOCUS – All from £158.40 to £228.10

Saturday, May 4, 2019 – 22:14

22928 - Window Tinting - FORD - FIESTA

Latest price for Window Tinting on a FORD FIESTA – All Rear from £170.00 to £244.80

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 – 22:12

Ford Paint Protection Prices

9607 - Paint Protection Film - FORD - MONDEO

Latest price for Paint Protection Film on a FORD MONDEOFull Wrap from £1625.67 to £2340.96

Sunday, November 19, 2017 – 21:54

9564 - Paint Protection Film - FORD - FOCUS

Latest price for Paint Protection Film on a FORD FOCUSFull Wrap from £2332.8 to £3359.23

Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 10:41

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