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East London creatives with the automotive aftermarket world at our core, growing businesses & promoting talent

From designing race car graphics to virtual vinyl wrapping

3Dom Wraps was started in Whitechapel, East London as a development project by founder Adam Grist. The concept – Bring automotive customisation to a wider audience through the use of browser 3D technology.

With a career in motorsport simulation and livery design, Adam had identified vinyl wrapping as a market that would see significant growth over the next 10 years, having first encountered it when wrapping race cars in 2009 and 3Dom Wraps has since blossomed into something of a car customisation portal.

Launching in Beta in 2015, the website has grown to be a powerhouse of the aftermarket industry online, attracting thousands of visitors a month and generating thousands of leads for our dedicated network of skilled service providers. In Dec 2016 the latest incarnation of the site was launched, providing greater user experience, a host of new tools for our network and a re-designed online store.

We aim to bring the creativity and work ethic from our East London roots to vehicles and service providers around the world.

‘The only limitation is your own imagination’

Customise your car

You can customise your vehicle in almost anyway with 3Dom Wraps amazing directory of service providers, available worldwide and in your area. Browse our available automotive services or look around our online store to find the next project for your car, motorbike or van.

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Are you running a business providing automotive aftermarket services? Sign up to 3Dom Wraps and get leads in your area, promote your business and services online, gain access to full business management solutions with Wrap Shop® and increase your revenue today.

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