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Our CRM does what most CRM tools do but with the added advantage that it has been created by automotive for automotive, meaning it does exactly what you need it to do, in one place as part of Wrap Shop®

Location Based Listing

Every service provider has a location based listing. This means we are able to put your business in front of web visitors near to you. Car customisation customers in your area will see your business listing not only when searching, but when using our price calculator, blog and car customisation community.

Business Showcase

Your business listing is the perfect opportunity to sell your services and make you the chosen service provider for customers in your area. By building up your profile with great information and images, potential customers are far more likely to get in touch with you directly.

Multiple Services

Many skilled automotive service providers have had to increase their knowledge base and skill set in order to stay competitive, so our directory is a great way of promoting your full range of services, from car wrapping to car detailing.


3Dom Wraps has a thriving automotive community that is a perfect way for service providers to engage and connect directly with a worldwide network of like minded individuals and potential customers.


Accreditations are an essential part of automotive care and customisation, with such valuable equipment being worked on.We promote those who are well trained for the benefit of our users.

Recommended to Users

Once a visitor arrives on our website, we know their location, wherever that may be in the world. As a result, we are able to surface businesses that are nearest to them throughout their time on our website.

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