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In the world of Motorsport, when you want to look as good as you are performing, it’s always nice to have that extras that make your design stand out more than ever present. For many vehicle owners, vinyl wrap alloy wheels are desirable as it improves the wheels look and can really enhance a car overall appearance. To do this properly, though, it takes the right professionals to install the vinyl.

At 3Dom Wraps, we back ourselves to work with the best professionals. With a large supply of colored alloy wheel wrapping, you can make sure that you have sturdy and attractive vinyl wrapping around your alloys wheels.

This can be used to create a nice combination – or contrast – with your vehicles new color scheme. Typically, you might want to look at alloy wheel wrapping for a variety of reasons, such as;

  • Making your vehicle look like a whole new purchase with a simple change of the colour on as many aspects of the vehicle as you possibly can
  • Create a unique contrast to really make your vehicle stand out!
  • Protecting your vehicle from any damage – alloys aren't the sturdiest things in the world, so a bit of support is never too much 


We have explored a range of alloy wheel wrap examples on a range of wheel and vehicle types below.


Alloy wheel wrapping

3Dom Wraps has worked and built relationships with some of the best suppliers for all of the available services on our site.

What's involved?

Your local vinyl wrapper will need to clean and prepare your alloys in the most effective way possible before applying the highest quality vinyl products.

  • Clean & prepare alloys
  • Apply vinyl material with heat & squeegee
  • Finish edges with heat
  • Apply vinyl care products
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Why get alloy wheels wraps?

Alloy wheels are not limited to their original colour or to just a new paint job, they can be vinyl wrapped too. Wrapping alloys can go alongside your full car wrap to compliment your new style and colour, an affordable and simple option compared to a respray.

The advantages of alloy wheel wrapping are:

  • Change the overall appearance of your car via your wheel colour and finish.
  • Contrast against the bodywork colour and finish of your car with darker or lighter wheels.
  • Textured wheels are also possible with carbon fibre or brushed aluminium.
  • Alloys are vulnerable to damage, vinyl wrap will naturally protect the surface of your alloys. 

Alloy wheel wrapping can be done on a range of styles in a range of material finishes and colours We take a look at a few examples and discuss the differences:

Matte alloy wheel wrap

Gloss alloy wheel wrap

carbon fibre alloy wheel wrap

Metallic alloy wheel wrap


  • Re-style your car with great styled wheels.
  • Get creative with the styling of your car by changing the wheel finish.
  • Compliment the colour and finish of the car bodywork.
  • Protect the finish of the alloy and help retain their resale value.
  • A cheaper alternative to alloy painting.
  • Fully reversible, quick and easy process.
  • No need to change insurance.
  • Removes easy for replacing after damage or to return to original.
  • Long life if well looked after.


There are very few cons when considering wrapping alloys over painting them, but these may be:

  • The upfront costs of wrapping your wheels.
  • Curbing your alloys may damage both the vinyl and the alloy and require greater refurbishment.
  • Vinyl will not protect against the aggressive damage often experienced with alloys. 



BMW X5 Matte Black Wheel Vinyl Wrap - AST Signs

BMW X5 Vinyl Wheel Wrap.jpg


Bentley Continental GT Green and Black Vinyl Wrapped Wheels - Custom Coats

Green and Black Vinyl Wrapped Bentley Wheels


Sticker Bombed Porsche 911 Wheel - Custom Coats

Sticker Bombed Porsche Wheel.jpg


Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrapped Wheel Trim Inserts - Custom Coats

Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wheel Trim Insert