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If you’ve just recently made the decision to invest in a new set of alloy wheels, then no doubt you’ll want to keep them looking as sleep and as new as you possibly can as long as possible. The problem is that not every road you drive on is going to be harmonious to keeping your tyres in a great condition, and a variety of issues can lead to damage to your alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels are always exposed to damage and corrosion due to the nature of their position on the car. Curbs, potholes and stones are all causes of potential damage both large and small, but most of these can be fixed and repaired, transforming a tired looking wheel back to its original best.

Our suppliers take their time to find every last detail about the alloy wheel in question, so that they can get everything prepared to carry out the repairs or refurbishments at the most detailed level possible. While chipping, scuffing and taking away the sheen from your alloy wheels is all too easy, it’s now just as simple to get the problem fixed thanks to 3Dom Wraps.

We make sure to assist you with as much information as possible to provide assistance in getting your allow wheel repair at the right price, the right timeline and – most importantly – the right finish.

What Can Be Offered?

  • A total refurbishment with long life span.
  • A full range of quality finishes available.
  • Repair, customising & diamond cutting of alloy wheels.
  • Mobile, drive in or drop off services are available, depending on supplier.
  • Same day services are usually available.
  • Most suppliers offer guarantee of up to 12 months.
  • New tyres and specialist products may also be available.
Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment car

For anyone who wants to make sure that their wheels retain that new shine and sheen, they can rely upon 3Dom Wraps to provide professional and dedicated alloy wheel repair.

Note: With 3Dom Wraps suppliers offering slightly different services, be sure to check when requesting a quote.

Alloy Colour Change / Pothole alloy wheel Repair / Mobile Alloy services

Alloy wheel repair & reburbishment

There are various types of alloy wheel repair & refurbishment services available, from customisation to colour changes.

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More info on alloy wheel repair & reburshiment

We make sure that you get all the help that you need in getting quality wheels that look and feel just as they did on the day they were purchased. To do this, there are various options available to your when looking to get your alloys refurbished or repaired.

Alloy Wheel Services

Whatever you are looking for, we can give you the easiest way of making sure that you get the alloy wheel repair that you desire. We take great care in ensuring that you get either the ideal refurbishment, or a solid repair job carried out if the damage is going to be repairable. We employ a team of honest and engaged individuals who will give you a professional & fair appraisal of the best course of action.

The actual process itself is something that many people would like to know – if you want to have an understanding if what we’ll actually do throughout the allow wheel repair service we provide, we always follow a specific procedure.

We never take risks or hope for the best when dealing with valuable wheels and clients property, so you can trust us to do the most astute job possible when repairing or refurbishing your alloy wheels.

This is the standard, safest and most effective way to provide genuine allow wheel repair;

  • Wheels are removed from your car.
  • Tyres are deflated.
  • Beads are broken to allow for tyres to be pushed back and the wheel repair to begin.
  • The damage can be repaired using various techniques.
  • Each will be primed to prevent corrosion over time.
  • Each wheel is baked under an infer-red light.
  • Primer is ‘flatted’ out to ensure a smooth finish all over.
  • Wheels are finished to suit original or to apply a new colour & finish of your choice.
  • Each wheel is then baked again under the infer-red light.
  • Each wheel is finished with a lacquer.
  • To dry, each wheel is baked for one last time.
  • Tyres are inflated and the wheels are then complete.
  • The wheels are refitted to your car then the wheel nuts are torqued up to the recommended level.

If your wheels cannot be repaired for any reason, there is no charge from all of our suppliers. We always look to provide a service built on honesty and integrity, so if you want to work with people that you can trust to get vehicle repairs that will last we are more than happy to help.

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