The concept of placing vinyl stickers on a vehicle has been around for longer than most think. Advertisements on the sides of buses, numbers on a racing car and the phone number on your local pizza delivery scooter have long been temporarily “stuck on” rather than the more permanent solution of painting. So why wrap your car? The concept of what is now known as ‘wrapping’ a car, originally came from countries in Europe, where reselling an end-of-service taxi painted in the legally required colour (which sometimes included a horrible light shade of beige) was difficult to say the least. The prospect of buying popular colour vehicles to resell after shedding the vinyl overlay was great for taxi businesses. Recently the world has been struck with the limitless possibilities of wrapping. The advancements in both adhesive and material technology have been huge in just the past few years alone, so much to the point that wrapping is now a multi-million dollar industry. So, why, you ask? What has drawn even the world’s rich to wrapping their most precious vehicles? Here are the top three compelling reasons that people choose wrapping over painting!  
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Car Personalisation

Of course, the number one reason for any avid car enthusiast to modify their car visually is usually to put their mark on it; to make it recognisable and make it their own. Vinyl wraps are the obvious choice when deciding to change the appearance of a vehicle, as it is much easier to achieve the desired effect and the options are almost infinite! Gone are the days of a paint job costing £10,000+ to get gradients, separate iconography and differing panels. A vinyl wrap is a more economic and smarter way of achieving a personalised exterior all the while costing up to a sixth of the cost of an exuberant paint job. Vinyl wraps can feature, matte, gloss, polished, chromatic, carbon fibre/kevlar and even chameleon finishes, making for some very personalised options. Own a Koenigsegg and wish it was hot pink? Easy! Want your classic Honda to be flat black? No problem! The personalisation doesn’t stop at the paint work either, vinyl wraps make wheels, lights, wings and badges all within the personalisation possibilities, so you can see why people are moving away from the more costly and less flexible option of painting when wrapping your car is this accessible.  

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Paint Protection Protection

Anyone who has spent time in the car tuning scene, knows the popularity of a certain blue painter’s tape as a stone chip preventative for their car’s paintwork. Of course, a few layers of this tape works very well to stop your car gaining some heartbreaking stone chip “battle scars” on the highway, but doesn’t particularly look the greatest when cruising with your friends!  Vinyl wraps not only look fantastic, but give your car’s paintwork a layer of protection from the elements. Wraps are now strong enough to resist even larger stones from chipping the paintwork underneath, not to mention keeping the paint’s surface free of scratch causing dust and making any malicious attempts of scratching your pride and joy a thing of the past!  

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Removable Vinyl Film

Sure, you love your army theme wrapped Audi and it sure looks awesome, but how much will prospective buyers love it when you are ready to move on to your next car? The true excellence in wrapping comes when it is time to sell your car, or when you feel like a change! Vinyl wraps are completely safe on your car’s paintwork, cause no marring, cracking or peeling of your car’s original paintwork when being removed by a professional. Paint is permanent, wraps take minutes to take off and return your car to it’s factory painted glory ready for the classifieds! These days London’s buses, New York’s taxis and even your neighbour’s car could even feature vinyl wrapping of some description. Wrapping offers flexible options for car lovers to personalise and protect their car without breaking the bank. Gone are the days of the paint job, get your car wrapped!  

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