Convertible Roof Repair

If you own a cabriolet, the condition of the fabric roof is an essential part of how the car looks. Keep it in top shape or restore to factory standard.

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Soft top convertible roof, care, repair and refurbishment

Owning a convertible car with a fabric or vinyl roof comes with a unique set of challenges that owners of hard tops will simply not understand. Driving with the top down makes those moments special, but what about the rest of the time when the weather does not allow it? Open to the elements a soft top can deteriorate both visually and functionally, from material damage to mechanical issues. If you are looking for services for your cabriolet roof, 3Dom Wraps is the place to find experts in your area and get instant price estimates.

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What convertible roof repairs are available and most common?

This is not something that is for the average car. This is for the worlds best, worlds most expensive cars, show cars and collectors items. Every aspect is assessed and considered for treatment, both for restoration and protection, inside and outside of the car. The transformation can be unbelievable and often better than the OEM.

Fabric/Vinyl Rips

The usual starting point for a car detail is a pH neutral shampoo, used to loosen and lift dirt off of the surface of the paint, the surface may then be cleaned with a microfibre mit/cloth before being dried.

Colour Restoration

Using a clay bar decontaminates the paintwork and brings back a smooth and reflective finish, ready to be machine polished, waxed and sealed.

Soft Top Protection

This is a stepped process, involving machine polishing and in some cases wet sanding to get perfection from the paintwork. Up to 95% correction can be achieved.

Mechanical Roof Repairs

Alloys are removed from the vehicle before be decontaminated and deep cleaned, often involving special tools and brushes. Protection treatments will be applied and the tyres dressed to restore a deep black.

Seals & Windows

The worlds leading waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings will be used to get the absolute best finish and on going protection for your vehicle, taking into consideration how your car is used and cared for.

Convertible Roof Replacement

Windows will be sealed and protected with top of the range products, leaving a high shine and providing long term water repelling properties.

Car detailing & car care blog

Really caring for and restoring your convertible roof starts with the DIY care from the owner or by using a specialist car detailer to look after it on a regular basis. As with most things, the better you care for it, the better condition it will be in and the longer it will last, saving big in the long run. We educate on the best DIY techniques in car detailing for you to follow with your own car both inside and out.

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