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The price of window tinting has come down after various legislation’s and laws limited the way it could be used on vehicles, making a more competitive market for the consumer. This doesn’t always make it easy to get a price your your vehicle online for how much is car window tinting. Use our price calculator to get an accurate estimate.

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We have created a unique car window tinting prices calculator to help automotive enthusiasts and those looking to customise their cars, get access to an estimated cost based on their location, vehicle and service requirements. With a few simple pieces of information our computer algorithm will provide a guide price before you use our one click quotation service to speak directly with the best service professionals in your local area.

Latest prices from our calculator

23241 - Window Tinting - MINI - COUPE

Latest price for Window Tinting on a MINI COUPE – All Rear from £154.17 to £222.00

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 – 20:34

23231 - Window Tinting - FORD - KUGA

Latest price for Window Tinting on a FORD KUGA – All Rear from £141.67 to £204.00

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 – 23:00

BMW Logo

Latest price for Window Tinting on a BMW 3 SERIES – All from £266.67 to £384.00

Monday, June 3, 2019 – 15:28

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How can you estimate the price of car window tinting?

Your location

If you submit a quote request with a window tinting website online, there is a chance that you are not speaking with a local supplier and the costs may then vary. Our calculator estimates the pricing fluctuations that occur country to country, county to county and city to city. Why would the cost vary based on location? Well as with anything we buy or service we use, prices are almost always different depending on where you are. major cities have higher rent and staff costs, with those costs passing on to the client.

We use multipliers within our algorithm to determine how the price should increase or decrease due to your location.


Your Vehicle

‘How much does it cost to tint my windows?’ The easiest solution is to use our calculator, but for car tinters, it isn’t as simple as that. Although tinting is easier to price up that vinyl wrapping or detailing, the service provider will still always need to know what vehicle you have. Every vehicle is a bit different, different size and windows for example will obviously effect the amount of work and material needed. The best question to ask should really include the car you have ‘how much to tint my Audi A5 windows?’

Our calculator knows thousands of cars and understands their sizes and even how many windows they have. This enables the algorithm to estimate the cost of materials and labour on your vehicle.

Your window tinting requests

Trying to understand your exact requirements is the most complex aspect of our calculator as we need to ask for the best information to get you the most accurate window tinting prices we can. Although a simple service to carry out, there are still a few options available when tinting your windows from which ones to tint to what are the window tinting laws and what percentage of window tinting is legal. Tinting is also not limited to just windows, with headlight tinting and brake light tinting becoming more popular.

By answering some simple questions, our calculator will be able to predict accurate price estimates for your tinting requirements before you submit a one click quote request with our network of tinters in your area.


Service & Material quality

The final part of the window tinting price generator is to consider what service and material quality you want. As the quality of both goes up, so will the price. Everytime we buy anything from products to automotive services, we have to consider what we can afford without too much compromise on what we are getting so this does not effect what we end up with. Our calculator will ask some basic questions about the type of service quality you require from quality window tinting to affordable window tinting along with whether you want to use the best tinting films or more basic products.

3Dom Wraps features a vast network of professionals in our window tinting directory, which enables the calculator to provide a unique way of estimating prices based on service and material quality.

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