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Automotive aftermarket services worldwide for all vehicles including Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Bentley, Aston, Nissan, Ford, Renault, Porsche Subaru and more, all cars & supercars wrapped by independent wrappers around the globe! Choose your service type below for car customisation prices & estimates.

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrap prices can vary greatly depending on where you live, what vehicle you have, what wrapper you use and the quality of materials you want them to apply. Without extensive research, we know this is often very hard information to find out. Our vehicle wrapping price calculator provides quicker and easier access to examples of the costs involved.

Vehicle Window Tinting

Vehicle window tinting has been around for many years, with many legislation laws now in place to prevent unsafe application of window films. No you can’t blackout all your windows. Using our window tinting price calculator makes understanding what can and cannot be done easier than ever, whilst providing you with estimated local prices.

Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle detailing is not a single service, it can actually involve many service types to do with professionally restoring and protecting a vehicles paintwork, interior trim, engine bay and alloy wheels. By using our vehicle detailing price calculator, you can explore options with ease and get vehicle detailing costs for your local area and service needs.

Paint Protection

Paint protection film is a relatively new product and service, with many premium vehicle owners choosing to use paint protection film as a way of maintaining the value of their vehicle and preventing paint damage. Understanding the options available and the cost is often difficult to find online, which is where our PPF price calculator comes in most useful.

Brake Caliper Painting

On many high performance vehicles, the brake calipers are just as much a styling addition as they are an ‘essential to stopping’ one. We understand the need for our brakes to look the part, as hidden as they may or may not be. But how much is brake caliper painting? Try our calculator to get a price guide.

Alloy Wheel Services

Alloys get crunched on curbs and scratched by debris more often than we may like. But all is not lost with alloy wheel restoration services available to bring them back up to scratch. Add in colour change and powder coating and things can get a little complicated. Our calculator make this all much easier for you.

Interior Car Customisation

The inside of our cars are just as customisable as the outsides, not to mention we spend all of our time there when driving! But how much does custom trim cost? It’s not something many of us know without shopping around, but our price calculator for car interiors sorts that out.

Windshield Protection

Windshield & windscreen protection is a new product, available from top brands such as Bray Group, which is a protective film that is applied to the outside of the glass. This has become a highly valuable product to for medium to high class vehicles where a windscreen replacement may be extremely costly. See example prices and use our price estimator.


Advertising on your vehicle is one the most effective and affordable ways of marketing and promoting your business or brand. Van and car signwriting has changed a lot in recent times with vinyl stickers so easy to come by and DIY installation now possible. Find guide prices for professional installation and use our price calculator to find out more.

Vehicle Valeting

Much better than your average car clean and more accessible and affordable than a full car detail, vehicle valeting is the ideal way of maintaining your car, van or bike in the safest way. Valets are perfect for regular car cleaning, carried out by skilled professionals in your local area, often mobile valeting is also possible. Find the right company for you can get guide prices through 3Dom Wraps.

Engine Tuning

Modern vehicles are far easier to tune than their predecessors thanks to the invention of the ECU. ECU remapping is now a popular way of increasing engine power and even efficiency on petrol and diesel vehicles. Software can be installed in as little as an hour. Get guide prices with our price estimator before requesting a professional quote from our network of providers.

Car Advertising

You can earn money with new initiatives from startups such as Wrapify, who pay car owners to drive with a brand applied to their car. Vehicle advertising is well known to be a leading promotional and marketing tool and on car advertising is now a booming market place. Get paid for your commute through 3Dom Wraps.

Car Customisation Blog

If you love car customisation as much as we do, you should take a look at our extensive blog, online resources and guides to get tips and latest info on all things automotive.

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