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Car detailing is a highly skilled and fully customised service with many variables considered when creating prices, which makes this difficult to price a service online. Our 3Dom Wraps calculator uses a unique algorithm to predict a price for your vehicle, in your area.

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This unique tool calculates car detailing prices considering your vehicle, vehicle condition, service requirements, service quality and your local area and available professionals in that area. Once you have your guide price, you can approach up to 3 local car detailers for a quotation with the click of a button.

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How does our car detailing calculator work?

Your location

Your location is more important as part of any car detailing prices calculator or professional quotation than you may be aware of. This makes it essential that you get a quotation from a local service provider or use our price calculator that takes the local area into consideration through our unique algorithm. The reasons for varying location based costs for car detailing may be cost of premises and rent, cost of car care products, business rates, transportation and fuel costs and the cost of staff, admin and even water rates.

Our mathematical algorithm is able to provide more accurate cost estimations when taking into account your location, making your post code key to the process and making 1 click quote requests possible.


Your Vehicle

‘How much does it cost to detail a car?’ Not many detailers will be able to answer this question without asking for some more information, yet it is still something they hear regularly. Understanding the service you require is a great way of empathising with the professional you are dealing with and appreciating the costs involved in top quality services. With this in mind, your vehicle and its current condition are likely to be the deciding factors for a detailer when creating you a quote. Vehicle size, cleanliness and condition can vary greatly and as a result, so can the prices.

We ask for details about your vehicle during our car detailing calculator or professional quotation processes so that our algorithm can use the information to calculate accurate guide prices.

Your car detailing requirements

Car detailing is not an off the shelf package, with most professional detailers creating their own unique offering that best suits their own skill set and individual customer needs. Some areas of your vehicle may need more care than others, which with an experienced eye for detail, detailers will spot and provide the best package to suit. Of course this makes this part of the quoting process far more complicated than some other services. We break detailing up into basic details, maintenance detail, enhancement detail, paint correction & an ultimate detail.

Our calculator is required to try and best cover the complexities of car detailing packages, so we have done so by taking the most popular options available online and providing estimates based on those. For full accuracy, request a professional quote with one click after you have used the calculator.


Service & Product quality

Car detailing is by no means a simple car clean and in some respects is not a clean at all. With services including paint correction and wet sanding sounding quite concerning when considering the paint on your car, it is safe to say only the most skilled professionals are going to be trusted. When using the best service providers in your local area, you will need to consider the premium charges that accompany that service and if it is something you can afford. It is better to afford the best than to settle for a cheaper alternative with such a service as car detailing.

We use a simple calculation within our algorithm that takes into account the premium costs on offer when a premium service has been requested.

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