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Unlimited Interior Options

There are probably more things to customise inside the car than out, giving almost unlimited interior car customisation options to those looking to get creative. We have explored just the basics below to give an idea of what you could consider changing, before you get in touch with our network of approved bespoke car interior speciliasts.

Upholstery & Stitching

Much of the interior of our cars is upholstery, even if we do not realise it. The dashboard, door panels, car seats and even the steering wheel are often upholstered in a range of different materials from leather to felt and velvet feeling fabrics. These materials can be restored, altered or completely replace with custom upholstery, giving a bespoke finish to your car with new finishes, colours and stitching. Many high end vehicles come with stunning stitching throughout the interior but this is also possible in any car.

Logo Embroidery

If you have seen inside many premium or super cars you may notice the logos and brand embroidered in some prime positions like on the headrest, the dashboard and inside of the doors. This certainly gives a high end feel to the car, but it can also be used for business and corporate applications as well, such as getting your logo applied in places throughout the vehicle.

Interior Trim

The interior trim is one of the key parts of your car and comes in for some consideration from potential buyers should you look to sell the car. From an owners point of view, having quality trim is what makes the car feel high quality and it is not hard to customise to get a finish you like. From piano black finish to carbon fibre, interior trim wrapping and hydrographics are just some of the techniques to use to customise the trim to your liking.

Roof Lining

Make your dreams a reality! Work with top automotive customisers to change the complete style of the inside of your car by working on the roof lining. Some special creations are possible by simply changing the material of the upholstery, applying embroidered logos and using high quality contrasting stitching. You could even consider going for a Rolls-Royce style star finish using led’s.

Car Multimedia

Technology is always moving forward and many car manufacturers now produce cars featuring top of the range multimedia kits for music, DAB digital radio, tv & film, GPS and even internet. Get rear seat entertainment to entertain passengers and children on long journeys or create an impressive dash to enjoy the time you spend on the road.

Carpets & Flooring

Often overlooked as part of interior customisation with the trim and upholstery of the dash and seats considered the priority, but carpets and flooring finish off the vehicle to a high standard. Get quality carpets fitted with embroidery details and stunning stitching and you will feel like you are driving in a completely unique car, which you most likely are.

Custom Gauges

Ever got board of your speed dial and gauges on your car or simply want a refresh? Well amazingly you can customise your dashboard gauges to suit your own style and bring another unique style to the car. Choose a style that matches the super car of your dreams or go for something that suits your driving style or interior design.

Interior Car Lighting

Using LED lighting in a creative way can have your car looking more like a premium home than a daily runner. Foot well lighting, roof lining lighting and adding rear seat lighting are just some of the implementations we have seen from the top customisation shops. Applying this sort of finish to your car takes it to a new level normally reserved for show cars and Bentley’s.

Interior Customisation Posts

There is much to be learnt about bespoke car interiors and many things you can do yourself to bring a new style to the inside of your car. Be sure to check out our latest blog posts to find articles that will help you on your customisation journey.

FAQs and Facts around interior car customisation options

We understand that looking to create a bespoke car interior can be a daunting task and get quiet complicated, so we have created a FAQ section to help customers find some answers to any additional questions they may have.

Both options offer a big piece of customisation that can make your car completely unique, but we do recommend trim wrapping as the most effective method. Applying vinyl to the internal trim will protect the surface below and it can be easily removed for an upgrade for prior to sale, so in theory you can do as you like and not only protect the value of the car but do as you like knowing it can be undone. Hydroprinting is a much more intrusive process and is not so easy to undo.

There are not many places where this cannot be done. The most common and effective places to have logo embroidery are in the headrests, arm rests and dash, such as by the glove box. Anything on hard surfaces are going to be harder to do and there may be a case to apply embroidery using a vinyl backed piece.

In most cases it is unlikely to be done by a mobile provider, simply because the resources and space may be limited from the back of a van, that being said, there are many highly skilled professionals who will come to you to carry out some jobs. If you fail to find a mobile service near you, you can always request car collection and drop off so that you are not inconvenienced whist having the service completed.

Depending on the scale of the job required, it can take anything from 1 day to a week for a full bespoke interior installation.

Yes you can. As with anything that is used regularly, wear and tear is inevitable and often fabrics and leathers can require some care and attention for rips,, tears and cracking. Speak to a professional to get an idea of how they will use reupholstering to help you get what you need.

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