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Wrap the inside, not just the outside, of your car

We spend most of our time driving our cars rather than looking at them from the outside, so customising the interior trim with wrap films is something that has to be considered if you want that unique feel to your car. The films used are the same high quality materials used on the exterior of cars, so the finish will be excellent, with unlimited colour and material options available for an interior car wrap. The films will also protect the surfaces below, helping keep the original parts in impeccable condition for when you decide to sell the car on.

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Interior Car Vinyl Wrapping

The options available to you for interior car wraps are almost endless, with colours and finishes from world leading brands available at affordable prices. Use our 3D material viewer to get a feel for how each finish and colour looks from the different brands.

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3D Customisation

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Gloss Interior Wrap

Gloss vinyls are great for simply changing a gloss surface to a new colour, keeping the quality finish often found in modern vehicles. Wrapping is completely reversible, meaning you can change it again if you get bored or remove it before selling the car on. Interior car wraps are becoming more popular as more people discover the potential of interior customisation.

DIY Wraps

If you are only looking for small wrapping customisations on your car, be that interior or small external fixtures, then why not purchase some vinyl in your chosen finish and apply yourself. You can check out our online guides in our blog and purchase the vinyl from our online store.

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Clear Vinyl - Paint Protection Film

You may want to protect various surfaces of your car, be that interior trim, external paintwork or chrome features, without having to alter the appearance or colour. PPF is a great product that will look 100% the same, whilst protecting the surface.

Car Paint Protection

Matte Vinyl Interior Car Wrap

With many cars coming with interior trim in gloss finishes, matte provides a great alternative to bring a new colour and finish into your car. An interior car wrap doesn’t need to be too loud and subtle changes are often the most classy and will stand the test of time.

Carbon Fibre Interior Trim Wrap

We all know that carbon fibre finishes look high quality due to the fact carbon material costs so much, so vinyl films in material are in high demand. Often seen on exterior parts, such as diffusers and spoilers, a carbon fibre wrap on internal trim parts takes a nice interior to a supercar standard. An interior car wrap will also protect your internal surfaces from superficial damage like scratches, more than just a pretty face.

Pearlescent Interior Wraps

Pearlescent films are beautiful, usually seen on top end vehicles and used to great effect. But could we bring some of that stunning finish inside the car too? Black gloss or silver trims are very popular in modern vehicles and by wrapping in pearl vinyl, you instantly create a completely new environment to take a road trip in.

Mix and match for the best interior wrap

If you love customising your car then you should check out ways that you can combine different materials and colours to get the most unique look for the inside of you car. We have some examples below. Take a loo at the other car customisation services available through 3Dom Wraps and our directory of skilled service providers too.

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Explore matte wraps & vinyl wrapping

Before you get a wrap it is a good idea to learn about the process and the materials and once you have a wrap, it makes sense to learn how to look after it. Our extensive blog resources are there to help wrap customers get the best out of their product.

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